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Why I Love My Writing Projects.



I write to market. When I write my books I have what readers of my genre (Urban Fantasy) want from that genre. There’s this idea that people who write to market are horrible hacks who write purely by numbers. There’s a false dichotomy that you either write what you love or write to market. To which I say, then you’re writing to the wrong market. I adore Urban Fantasy. I devour it as a reader. I squee about it with my husband and best friend (and anyone else who will listen). I’m madly, passionately in love with Urban Fantasy.

So this post is me squeeing over my own projects. Because you know what? I love them. Yes sometimes I curse characters out on Twitter, or I hide from editing. But I still love them. They still make me so damn happy to write.

I’ll be talking about my three main projects today. 

  • Infernal Hunt
  • Ink Born
  • Saoirse And Connor.

I have a whole heap of other projects in various states and stages, but these are the three that currently have my focus.

First up there’s Infernal Hunt. This is the one you’ve heard me talk about the most, that’s because the first three (it’s a four book series, a quadrilogy if you like) are published. We’ll start with the Pinterest board because I’m a visual person.


The board seems to have cut off the Lysander pics… so if you want to see the wonderfully sexy hellhound, you’ll have to hop over to Pinterest (bad Pinterest!).

Those who follow me on Twitter will have seen me swearing about the editing on book 4 recently, because it’s the final book in the series, and OMG so much pressure! There’s another part to that swearing though, I’m a bit sad to be leaving this world and these characters!


Firstly – it’s set right here in Prague! This city is an incredible backdrop for Urban Fantasy. The architecture is gorgeous, there are winding twisting streets perfect for hiding underground fae bars, and chasing down imps.

Secondly The characters! Yes I do love my characters, but if I don’t, how can I expect my readers to? The dynamic between Kadrix and Evie is so much fun. They’re so antagonistic and snarky, they make me laugh even now, even after I’ve read it over ten times.

Lysander is this wonderful mix of charm, cheek, sinful sexiness, vulnerability, leadership, and devotion. My wonderful hellhound!

Then there’s Elise, the calm-headed moon priestess who’s the perfect balance for Evie’s high-strung drama. Elise may be tiny but she really kicks ass, it’s so much fun showing what she can really do in some of the big fight scenes.

Third – The world as a whole is something I really enjoy exploring. There are only three types of supernatural beings, lycans, witches, and fae, but there’s so much there! There’s so much politics, and culture, and argh I can see spinoffs being written because I love it all. The magic alone is complex and wonderful to play with, even from the point of view of Evie who hates everything magical. That makes it a nice challenge though, writing it from the view of a character who’s entirely clueless and really would rather none of it existed.




This is currently being written, albeit slowly because I have to publish Infernal Alliances in November. Ink Born is very different to Infernal Hunt.

Firstly, it’s told from the male point of view. Dacian is a tattoo magician, and I love him! Where Evie is high-strung and very much ‘kick ass first, bury the body later’, Dacian is thoughtful, quiet, he sees everything and carefully plans ahead. He’s still very much kick-ass, he can more than hold his own in a fight, but he’s much subtler than Evie.

The tone to this is also so very different to Infernal Hunt. It’s denser, darker. A lot of that has to do with the different roles, the different positions the characters hold. Where Evie is a hunter, she keeps the supernals in line, Dacian is hiding. If someone found out what he really is, he’d lose everything. That constant tension and concern really adds something.

The INK world is huge. Where the Infernal Hunt world has the supernal stuff underground and hidden from humans, it’s completely out in the open in the INK world. I’ve already got outlines for three more series in this world, it’s huge! It’s a true fantasy kitchen sink and OMG that’s so incredibly fun to play with! There are gods, lots of different magic systems, cultures, fantasy creatures, so much there to explore and play with!!

I have a reasonable focus on relationships in my writing. In the Infernal Hunt world, there’s quite a bit between Evie and her twin Quin, Evie and her best friend Elise, and Evie and Lysander. There’s also Evie and Kadrix to an extent. Each relationship is important, and I like exploring those relationships and showing the importance of familial bonds and platonic relationships. Romantic relationships can take the fore in a lot of cases.

In Ink Born, the relationships are different. They look a lot into the forming of new bonds, the growth, and the healing that the right relationships can give.

Finally! There’s Saoirse And Connor. This one doesn’t have a Pinterest board because it’s personal and is very, very, unlikely to ever be published.


This is my fun project, it’s written for personal reasons. I have been sharing some snippets over on Twitter, if you search #SaoirseAndConnor you’ll find the ones I remembered to tag.

I love this because it’s personal. I love it because it’s helping keep me sane, it’s helping me work through some issues. Where my other books are written with other people in mind, this one is all mine, and what’s not to love about a book that’s making me stronger and happier?


So there we have it, my three main focuses, and why I’m madly in love with them! 


If you’d like to explore the Infernal Hunt world that I love so much, hop on over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Infernal Ties! It’s free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Infernal Ties Signature Blurb




3 thoughts on “Why I Love My Writing Projects.

  1. Holly, your projects deserve all the adoration ❤ I cannot express how excited I am for the Ink Born series! I know that, for myself, my characters are what make me love my story more than anything else. They are the people I keep returning to to spend time with. And I love the magic to and the world I can escape to and imagine histories of.
    I think I'll be doing some stalking of Saoirse and Connor this weekend 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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