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Financial Milestone Reached!

Thank You


All the sparkles for this header, because OMG I hit a financial milestone with my Infernal Hunt books!! Book one, Infernal Ties, was published on the first of July this year. That was seven weeks ago. Since then I’ve also published books two (Infernal Bonds) and three (Witch Infernal).

I put my heart and soul into these books, there’s a huge amount of pressure on me and their performance.

You guys have been absolutely incredible throughout this journey so far. You held my hand when I was panicky and unconvinced that I could do it. You cheered me on when I was doing the insane editing run. You sent me sexy men (thank you Mollie!) and adorable animals when I needed a pick me up. I couldn’t have done this without you guys.

You’ve been so kind. You’ve given your time and energy, to write reviews and help promote my books. I’m completely overwhelmed by the love you’ve given me, and the love I feel in return. Thank you. All of you.

I really hope that you know how much I appreciate you and that the rest of my books are up to your high standards. I really want to make people happy, to help them escape into a fun Urban Fantasy world for a while. I’d love to one day touch someone’s life and make it that little bit better. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.



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