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The Bliss Of Writing For Fun.

The Bliss Of Writing For FUn


This year has been pretty insane for me. Well really it stated last September. I’ve been pushing really hard to get my Urban Fantasy empire off the ground. I’ve written five books in the last 12 months (I think it was five, it may have been six, I’m losing track). I’ve edited and published three of those, and am editing book four in my Infernal Hunt series right now.

My head has been very much focused on business and publishing. I’ve had marketing and promotion plans whizzing around my head, part of my morning routine is updating my sales/reads spreadsheet so I can track my sell-through rates. It’s intense.

I’ve been desperate for a break for a few months now, and while I have to continue pushing with my Infernal Hunt schedule, I have finally settled on a fun project to write!


Those who follow me on Twitter and have been around here for a while know it’s taken me a good few attempts to finally settle into a fun project. I’m so pleased to say that I have passed 16k written on Saoirse And Connor!

And you know what? It’s absolutely amazingly bloody fabulous! I love this story. The characters are insanely fun. And the very best bit? I’ll probably never edit or publish it! No fretting over reader expectations, editing schedules, marketing plans, cover design, none of it!

I’m writing this book just for me and my gods that feels so, so, damn good.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted to relax and write purely for fun again. I highly recommend that people do this. I know it can be really hard to carve out the time for a project like this, but it’s done my mental health the world of good.

For those who’re curious Saoirse And Connor is an Urban Fantasy and I’ve been posting snippets under #SaoirseAndConnor on Twitter. I forgot to tag a few snippets, but they’re mostly there.

This is my story, written for me, and you know what? I deserve this. 😁



2 thoughts on “The Bliss Of Writing For Fun.

  1. Writing for fun is something I’ve taken for granted. I always write with the hope of sharing it with others. I hope to find a chance to one day just write for me again. But it’s been awhile ;P
    I’m glad that you’ve been finding joy writing yours 🙂

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