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Autumn Goals.

Autumn Goals

I’m not going to lie, I am in no way ready for autumn to be here. I want more summer, I want more nice long evenings to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Alas, here we are, September 1st.

Summer has been pretty good. Ok so there were a few issues with my body degrading/falling apart. One of my ankle bones is now misaligned and my other’s started hurting now. Add that to the horrible state my knees are in, and I’ll have a sword cane in no time!

On the good side of things you guys were spleniforously amazing with my Infernal Hunt books! I cried so many happy tears at the love and support you guys gave me! I’ve achieved some financial goals that means I can carry on pushing to make this my full-time career, squee!

For those that are new around here, my Infernal Hunt books are my urban fantasy series. I released the first three books between July 1st and August 8th. The work to do that was intense and involved 3 long months of insane editing schedules. But we did it!

I’ll admit that I didn’t achieve my reading goals over summer because I was just too busy with my own books. I have however roped in three wonderful friends to help me do better through autumn! Mollie, Jen, and Miriam are all book enthusiasts who I’m very proud to call friends. We’ll be exchanging book recommendations for each other through September 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing what that recommend and exploring new authors.

On the writing front, because this is me, and being an author is a core part of my identity 😋 On the writing front I want to wrap up Saoirse And Connor this month. That’s my little fun project. I don’t know what I’ll do with it once it’s done. It might just sit on my harddrive, or I might, maybe, possibly, serialise it, in first draft form, on here. I have absolutely no plans to publish it. It’s a personal project written purely for me.

Once Saoirse And Connor has been finished I’ll dive back into Branded In Ink book one in my tattoo magician series Ink BornInfernal Alliances, the last book in the Infernal Hunt series is currently with my editor, so I’ll be doing edits on that. Infernal Alliances will be published in early to mid November. That’ll mean I wrote and published an entire quadrilogy in a year, how amazing is that!?

I’d also quite like to get at least a rough outline down on Powdered Ink the Lara Croft style alchemist set in the INK world that Ink Born is in. I might even try and do something with it for NaNoWriMo. Infernal Alliances will be all polished and ready to go by November 1st… we’ll see! I don’t do that well with the stress of enforced daily wordcounts but I love the camaraderie and support and atmosphere of NaNoWriMo! There’s plenty of time to decide 😊

So there we have it! I intend on keeping a reasonably tight publishing schedule of at least one book every three months. All urban fantasy. I’m also hoping to squeeze in a lot more reading!

What are your goals for autumn my wonderful darlings?






4 thoughts on “Autumn Goals.

  1. That’s amazing, I’m so proud of you for all the progress you’ve made ❤ Making writing a full time thing is the dream, all right! ^-^

    I'm gonna have a busy autumn. I'll be wrapping up the first draft of Relics of Ar'Zac #2 this month, and then I have another WIP to dive into fully! I'm planning on trying a few promotional things as well, so that should be interesting 🙂

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  2. You are amazing and, as always, an inspiration! You have such great aspirations and I wish you the best of luck with all of them ❤
    My Autumn goals are focused on finalizing Pirate Eyes and finishing my first draft of Eléonore, taking all the steps to get to the point where writing can be my full time career too 🙂

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