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Book Report – A handy free tool for authors!



I mentioned that I use Book Report in my post about the tail from my free promotion on Infernal Ties. You can read that post here.

I realised that a lot of you guys won’t have heard of Book Report, so I’m here to tell you a bit about it and why it’s awesome! I’ll note right here and now that I do not receive any money or benefits from writing this post. I’m doing it purely to make your guys’ lives that little bit easier 🙂

So what is Book Report?

Book Report is a really handy little widget thingy (yes that is the technical term :P) that puts an overlay on your Amazon KDP dashboard. They don’t receive any of your data, they don’t need your password or anything like that. You simply bookmark the address then click on that when you have your KDP reports open. It’ll then make everything pretty and usable!

What are the benefits?

It makes life so much easier! When I was using the normal KDP graphs and such I had to trawl through and do my own maths to figure out the sell-through rates and see how much each book had earnt. It was a lot of time and effort. Now, Book Report lays it all out in easy to understand graphs, pie-charts, and normal charts!

Below you can see screenshots taken from my own Book Report. The numbers have been removed because I’d rather not have those out in public.

This shows me my earnings through most of August. The blue is pages read, the read is sales:

Three Week Tail on free promotion indie urban fantasy author


You can break it down to see your bestsellers per day, month, or 90 day period (Amazon won’t let them get data further back than that). For those of you who have multiple pen names you can also break it down into individual books or by pen name.

BookReport Bestsellers


You also get a nice little pie chart that shows you the break down of how much each book earnt in comparison to the others. Oh and there’s a handy little normal chart with hard numbers, including money earnt from sales and reads too. I left in the giveaway numbers because I’ve already told you guys those. 🙂

You can randomise the colours on the pie chart until you’re happy with colours that suit you – for those of you like me who really like colour.


Earnings Per Book


So… How much does this cost?

It’s completely free up until you earn $1,000 per month, and then it’s $10/month. I’d be lost without this, it’s made my life so much easier! I can track trends much more easily and have my cold hard figures right there.

Oh and you can set it so it makes a kaching sound every time you have a sale or some pages read. It’s the little things 😉


Where do I get it?

Right here at this link. It’ll take about 5 minutes to pull in all the data and set up. 🙂





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