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Looking Forward: Onwards And Upwards!



As an author I have to start thinking about 2017 right about now, as autumn is beginning to fall. I’m usually working a couple of months ahead, so it’s not unexpected that I’m sitting here on this beautiful September afternoon, thinking about 2017.

My primary plans for the latter quarter of this year and all of next year, is better self-care. I’ve been working really hard to improve this. I take more time for myself, I feel less guilt over doing things for me, but I’ve still been unintentionally eating too little. It’s my own fault, I should have thought it through a bit better, but here we are. So I’ve been eating what feels like far too much for a few days now to try and help my body recover (I was feeling really super rough there for a bit!) and will be adjusting my calorie intake accordingly.

Don’t forget to eat properly guys, a poor diet can have a huge impact on your outlook and ability to write. My under-eating was making my anxiety and depression much worse, I had lower energy so couldn’t work as much, and it was really unpleasant. Look after yourselves, you’d be missed.

On the writing front, I have lots of plans! I will be releasing at least four books next year, if I can manage a fifth then I will definitely do so!

I’ve been musing over those plans and giving some other projects some thought over the past couple of days. Infernal Alliances will be published in November, that will wrap up the Infernal Hunt series. Then in February Branded In Ink will be published. That’s book one in my tattoo magician series, Ink Born. This is where it gets a little bit more sketchy. I’d like to publish book two of that next, but, I might consider publishing something else. There are two options for that something else, maybe three…

A few people have asked about a spin-off series with the Evie’s twin Quin and the snarky elf alchemist Kadrix from the Infernal Hunt series. Given the excitement from said people, and the fact it’d be so much fun to write, I’m going to give it a shot. The title of the series will be Wild Alchemy, and it’ll follow the two alchemists as they adventure around Europe.

Then there’s Powdered Ink, set in the same INK world as Born Of Ink, that follows the Lara Croft style alchemist Kaitlyn Felis. I really want to get her series rolling next year. Oh! And I’m considering possibly, maybe, serialising Saoirse And Connor here on the blog. That’s currently sitting at 50,000 words, so that might get started in October, if I decide that I’m ok with that story going public. We’ll see.

I’ll definitely be starting two new series next year, and I’ll alternate publishing the sequels in them. I’m choosing to do that to keep myself fresh and happy, and to make sure that readers don’t burn out. I know that a lot of readers are like me in that they read one or two books in a series, then even though they love said series, want something a bit different so read a couple of books in another. Alternating the publishing allows me to reach more readers and stop the ones I have from feeling rushed or overwhelmed. Don’t worry, there won’t be more than a six month gap between sequels being published. 🙂

That all means that this year, I’ll be finishing up the writing of Saoirse And Connor, writing Branded In Ink, publishing (and thus all the editing) Infernal Alliances, and! If everything goes wonderfully smoothly! Writing either book one in Powdered Ink or Wild Alchemy. That’ll put me in a great position to start 2017 with a bang 😀

I think a need another cup of coffee, there’s quite a lot to be done isn’t there? lol


How do you feel about September? Are you looking forward to 2017 too?





7 thoughts on “Looking Forward: Onwards And Upwards!

  1. Eeh! Holly, this is so exciting! So many amazing things coming in 2017! Wild Alchemy sounds like it’s going to be one hell of a spin-off! I also can’t wait for Ink Born!
    Do take care of yourself, my dear. We’ve all hit moments in our lives where we’ve stopped caring about our health, so wrapped up in other things. But you’re right, we need to treat our bodies right so that our minds and spirits can function at their best as well!
    All the best wishes to you as you stride onwards and upwards ❤

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  2. YES!! THE SPIN OFF IS HAPPENING!!! *flailing* That title is perfect! 😀
    *ahem* It’s going to be such a busy year, Holly! Don’t forget to eat properly indeed, and don’t rush into anything, Holly. Take your time with all your projects, they’ll be ready when they’re ready 🙂
    I just finished Witch Infernal yesterday and will try to get my review written up this week 🙂 Since I’m also trying to wrap up the first draft of Relics of Ar’Zac #2 this week, I can’t make promises 😉

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    1. It niggled at me and wouldn’t leave me alone. How could I resist those two? They’re such a fun pair! lol

      How exciting! You must be so pleased to be nearing the end of the first draft! I love that feeling 😀

      Thanks! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have mixed feelings, actually! I’m so excited that I’ll be able to put it away to proof so soon, but on the other hand I feel weird about nearly being done with it. I know that I’ve got a long edit ahead of me, so that might be why.

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