Saoirse And Connor

Saoirse & Connor: Ch.1


Welcome to chapter one of my Urban Fantasy serial! This is all first draft, unedited, due to time constraints and all.

Saoirse & Connor follows Saoirse & Connor, two shifters recovering from abusive pasts. They’re thrown together and find themselves dragged into a plot much larger than either of them imagined.



Chapter One. 


Saoirse sat on the large bed and smiled as she sank into it a little. It was by far the nicest bed she’d had the pleasure of calling her own in a few years. She ran her fingers over the heap of bedding, pleased to find it was soft and begged her to hide within it. The situation wasn’t ideal, her ego had been stung by the idea of taking a live-in security job, but it kept her hidden from her enemies. She had no doubt she’d be bored to tears, but there was a well-equipped gym and swimming pool along with extensive grounds. She was free to shift as and when she pleased, there were worse situations.

Her ears pricked when she heard the door to the two-storey living space click open. Her new boss, Mr. Lightwater, had told her that she’d be sharing the space with another security employee. She’d been quite proud of her restraint and ability to keep her face straight when he’d told her. Not only did she have to share her space, but she had to do so with a wolf. She knew that it was a male as a lone female wouldn’t have taken such a job, wolf shifters were a little backwards like that. That meant he was likely reasonably young, it was unusual to have an older male outside of a pack. She had concluded that he’d be a royal pain in her ass before she’d even set eyes on him.

She headed down into the bright living area. The large windows let in a lot of light and were close enough to mature trees that she could jump into the trees and continue from there, should the need arise. She stood in the large open space behind the pale-cream sofa that was just a little too square for her tastes, and watched the short entranceway into the area.

The wolf was physically older than she expected, shifters, like most magical beings, slow their aging to almost nothing once they hit their prime. She had expected the wolf to look eighteen, perhaps as old as twenty-one. Instead he looked to be edging into his late twenties, far too old to be without a pack. His scruffy dark blond hair was cut to just below the tips of his ears, it was his blue-green eyes that held her attention though. They hardened when he saw her, with her shoulders back and glamour lifted to reveal that she was herself a jaguar shifter.

The wolf’s eyes shifted to a dark amber, she watched as his shoulders went back and he maintained hard eye-contact. She sighed softly and simply said, “Jaguars have one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom, we hunt crocodiles for fun.”

The wolf smirked and continued to approach her, “I’ll keep that in mind should I see any crocodiles around.”

She raised an eyebrow and reflexively unsheathed her claws as he continued to approach her, his gaze unwavering. He stopped barely inches away from her, the smirk firmly planted on his pretty mouth. She didn’t really notice the fact that the top of her head barely reached his collarbone, he wasn’t monstrously tall, particularly as shifters go. She was however only 5’2, not that she allowed that to get in her way.

The wolf was lean verging on slender, he was small for his kind. Saoirse quickly concluded that the reason he was without a pack was because he was bullied as a runt. That didn’t stop him from squaring up to her and maintaining the hard eye-contact. Her patience was waning, and she was growing bored. She was quite certain that she’d easily take him in a fight, she wasn’t quite sure how Mr. Lightwater, she refused to think of him as her boss, would take it though. Finally the wolf broke, he held out his hand and simply said, “Connor.”

Saoirse glanced down at his hand and sniffed, she hated the hand shaking habit and despised physical contact unless it was very definitely on her terms. Still, she wasn’t going to be beaten. “Saoirse, and I’m in charge here.”

The wolf, Connor, barked out a laugh. “You really think you’re in charge kitten? What’re you going to do, give them a good glaring?” He said laughing again.

A multitude of images ran through her head, from sinking her claws deep into his throat, to driving her knee into his groin and forcing him to submit. In the end she simply smiled, a cool, predatory smile full of promises. Connor stopped laughing for a moment and canted his head ever so slightly to the right when she did so, she could almost see the cogs whirring in his mind as he tried to figure out what he’d missed. “What skills do you have to offer, wolf?” Saoirse asked.

Connor’s lip curled up revealing his sharp teeth, Saoirse blinked in her feline way in response entirely unimpressed. If she chose to shift, even partially, her teeth would be bigger and her jaw much stronger. She adored wolves, she’d spent a good number of her formative years as part of a pack that she’d considered family. Unfortunately, as with so many things in life, she’d lost patience and interest in their dominance plays and pissing matches. The vast majority of the supernal world feared her, or at least what she was, one scrawny little upstart wasn’t going to be anything to concern herself with.

Connor settled himself and returned her cool predatory smile. “I have set all of the wards on the grounds and through the house, and I’m clearly the muscle. What exactly do you have to offer, Kitten?”



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8 thoughts on “Saoirse & Connor: Ch.1

  1. Why is there not a love button? This chapter needs a lot of love! I’m so grateful that you’re sharing this story with us Holly! It’s off to an amazing start and I can’t wait to see what happens to Saoirse & Connor next ❤

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  2. Great start, Holly, I’m liking them both already! Saoirse sounds like she needs to be taken down a peg or two! There’s so much tension already, it’ll be fun to see how they both cope with this arrangement! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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