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Release Schedule For The Next Year.

release schedule urban fantasy 2017



I’m putting this out there for those who’re interested in what books will be coming out when. There are no hard dates in here because I need to have leeway for things going wrong. That being said, my editor has been booked for the next two books and we’re almost done with Infernal Alliances!

November 14th – the release of Infernal Alliances the last book in the Infernal Hunt series!!

I’ll have the cover for this within a week, the proofreading will be done by Samhain, this is it! The series will be completed. I’ll put together a boxset for those who prefer to buy the book as a bundle next year, money is going into other things for the rest of this year (and it’ll need a pretty cover).

Mid to late February 2017 –  The release of Stolen Ink book one in the Ink Born series.

I will have the cover for this next month and it’ll go up for pre-order in December!! For those of you who have forgotten or haven’t seen my ramblings on this series before:

Ink Born follows my gay tattoo magician Dacian. It’s set in an Urban Fantasy kitchen sink world, meaning that magic is out in the open, and there are many forms of magic and magical creatures. Dacian is an ink magician, that’s far more than a normal tattoo magician. He must keep that fact hidden as a lot of people would love to get their hands on him if they ever found out, from the ceremonials to the council.

Stolen Ink sees Dacian’s comfortable quiet life thrown into disarray. Someone has begun stealing people’s tattoos, which leads to an agonisingly painful death. The council don’t give a damn, meaning that the magical community, and the ink web itself, turn to Dacian to fix this problem and put an end to the thief. Dacian just wants to keep his head down and enjoy his quiet life, everyone else has very different ideas. Slowly his world crumbles.

Squee I love this world, and Dacian, and Keirn his gay elf best friend, and the other characters! It’s so completely different to the Infernal Hunt world and characters. I’m in love! 😍

May 2017 – The release of The Seers Stone, book one in the Hidden Alchemy series (previously called Powdered Ink). 

This is my NaNoWriMo novel. Hidden Alchemy is again, completely different from the other two series, but it’s set in the same INK world as Ink Born. This means it’s the same big Urban Fantasy kitchen sink, with lots of magical types and magical creatures. So much to explore!

Hidden Alchemy is Kaitlyn’s story. She’s a bi alchemist and treasure hunter. She travels the world tracking down and retrieving lost and hidden magical artifacts. Book one has her finding the mysterious seers stone. There are many myths and rumours surrounding the stone, some believe it will bring the holder closer to the gods. Others believe it will show you the very heart and truth of anything you put before it.

That all means that Kaitlyn has a lot of competition on her quest, from rival treasure hunters, to the ceremonials who want to use it to get closer to their gods. Or perhaps become gods themselves.

This is very Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, and I’m so excited to play with it. It’s good fun adventure, with lots of magic, and Kaitlyn has the most wonderful pet Wil’o’the wisp, called Wispy.

I’m a bi woman myself, so it’ll be interesting (finally) writing a bi female character 😁

August 2017 – Book 2 in the Ink Born series.

November/December 2017 – Book 2 in the Hidden Alchemy series.


I’m playing around with a new fun project at the moment, it’s much darker than my published works. That’s Lachlan Fane’s story, a witch’s familiar and cat shifter. In a world where familiars and witches bond to finally become whole, Lachlan is without his witch. At twenty-four that is a very dangerous thing to be. He had managed to remain hidden and live a relatively happy life as a thief, until they finally caught him. Now he’s stuck in a small cage at the familiar market, where he’ll be sold to a ruthless witch and forced to bond so that the witch can broaden their skills and use him for their own gain.

All Lachlan wants in the world is freedom, and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that.


I haven’t forgotten Wild Alchemy the spinoff story with Kadrix and Quin either! We’ll see how I feel once I have some distance from the Infernal Hunt series. I might try and squeeze that into the schedule next year too!


There we have it, my release schedule for next year. It is open to change due to stress and reader demand.




5 thoughts on “Release Schedule For The Next Year.

  1. Firstly, I cannot wait for Infernal Alliances! So excited to know that it’s coming soon 🙂
    And what a busy schedule you seem to have! I hope everything works out for you! If anyone can accomplish this, I have no doubt it is you!
    Just be sure to take care of yourself at the same time 🙂


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