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The End Of An Era: The feeling of having finished writing a series.

End of an era the feeling of having finished writing a series


I’ve done it. I’ve finished the Infernal Hunt series. The final book in the series, Infernal Alliances is currently being proofread. I never have to read that book, or any of the Infernal Hunt books again if I don’t want to. I just have to format IA, put it on Amazon, and that’s it. Over.

I have to admit that it’s been one hell of a ride. I’ve learnt so much as a writer, I feel like I’ve made some big improvements. I’ve fallen in love with and out of love with my characters, particularly Evie. It’s very definitely Evie’s story and I’m so pleased with her full arc and progress, but I never want to see her face again (so to speak).

Infernal Alliances was probably the hardest book I’ve written to date. I wrote it non-linearly and was halfway through the first draft when I finally decided that yes, it was the last book in the series. Up until then I’d planned the plot so that it could either be the final book, or carry on with the rest of the series plot arc I’d planned. I ended up having to rewrite about 40% of the book over the course of five days, because I was so stressed writing the first draft. There was so much pressure on it, because OMFG it’s the last book in the series!! Ahem.

That being said, I learnt a lot from that process. I tried writing non-linearly and yes, I can do it, but I’m so much happier writing linearly. I can’t try and over-complicate my plots either, which was why I had to rewrite so much. I had to strip out an unnecessary subplot and replace all of those words with, well, more useful words.

I’ve found that I really do prefer writing novels over novellas, and novels are so much easier to sell than novellas. I love Infernal Ties, I think it does what it’s designed to do really well (and the reviews agree), however, being a novella means I couldn’t add as much depth and all as I enjoy.

This feeling right now, knowing that the series is completed, is a weird one. I was sad to leave the characters and the world while I was preparing to dive into the edits of IA. After those rewrites though, I’m ready to never see the series again. I’m proud of what I’ve done, I feel like I’ve done the characters justice, but I’m over it. I’m more than ready to move on and I’m madly in love with my INK world. I adore Dacian, and Keirn in Stolen Ink. It’s so, so, different to Infernal Hunt, they’re night and day, and I love that.

I’m so glad that I produced this series, I’m absolutely over the moon with the reactions I’ve had to it, but I’m definitely ready to be moving on. This is a happy moment. I’d like to return and write the stand-alone (or possibly duology?) of Wild Alchemy the Kadrix and Quin spinoff, but not yet. I need to breathe and enjoy the INK world.

Thank you all for your support along this journey, I can’t wait to share Ink Born and Powdered Ink with you.



15 thoughts on “The End Of An Era: The feeling of having finished writing a series.

  1. I am almost where you are, Holly. My series is finished, just a little more editing and I’m done. Or am I? I tell myself the series is finished, I just don’t really believe it yet…

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  2. I’m not sure how I’ll feel when I end the Lovers and Liars serial. It’ll be 9 books, and I have a feeling by the last one I’ll be all GOOD RIDDANCE BE GONE YOU TWO. And then it’ll be this weird feeling that, oh, I’m not writing this love story anymore. Authors are fickle crazies. Congrats on hammering out this series though! Yeay you!!

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    1. Thank you! When I finished the first draft of IA I was raring to diving into writing book 5. Screw that ending the series here thing! Then I left it for a month, and edited it, and now I’ll be quite fine never seeing Evie’s face again lol.


  3. Congratulations, Holly! You’ve accomplished so much! It really is inspiring to see how much you’ve done this year! I have loved Evie and the gang but I also look forward to meeting your new characters and exploring new worlds!
    One door closes. Time to step through the next 😉

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  4. I prefer to write linearly as well, I think anything else would confuse me too much 😛 If I had a very strong idea for a later chapter I’d write it to get it out of my system, but I wouldn’t expect it to stay the same or stay at all as the plot develops.
    Oh, and congratulations!! That’s such a massive achievement, you can be so proud of yourself!

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