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Cover Reveal: Stolen Ink!



Squeeeee!! Getting cover art is my favourite part of the publishing process, I absolutely adore cover art! I am so pleased to be able to share this one with you today!

Stolen Ink is book one in my new Ink Born series. Ink Born follows the gay tattoo magician Dacian, and I love him, and his best friend the gay elf Keirn (you knew there had to be a gay or pansexual elf in there somewhere!!).

I am, unsurprisingly to anyone around here, absolutely over the moon with this cover. So, without further ado, I present to you, the cover for Stolen Ink!






Stolen Ink Gay Tattoo magician urban fantasy



I don’t have a pretty shiny blurb for this yet, but I will before too long as it will be going up for pre-order in December!

Dacian is an ink magician, a very rare form of tattoo magician that means he isn’t bound by the usual rules of tattoo magic. His connection to the ink web is much deeper and more powerful. With great power, comes great enemies.

Many people would love to get their hands on an ink magician, from the council to the ceremonials, and much darker more insidious groups. They aren’t the reason Dacian’s happy, quiet, little life begins to crumble. He can thank the tattoo thief for that.

Someone has begun stealing people’s tattoos, leading to the victims dying agonising deaths. The council are ignoring the problem, so the magical community turn to Dacian to fix it, to stop the killer.


I love this book and this world! It’s so very different to my Infernal Hunt books. Dacian is wonderful, and I love his relationship with Keirn. Dacian’s cat tattoo Kyra makes me laugh too, she is as Dacian would say, an ungrateful disloyal little wretch! 😁

I can’t wait to share this book with you guys!





2 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Stolen Ink!

  1. Congratulations, Holly! I love this cover! I love how it has some similarity to the Infernal Hunt series and yet is completely different! Every time you mention this new series, I get even more excited 🙂 Can’t wait ❤

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