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I’m On A Break.

On A break


This is my official notice that I am taking a break from Chaos Fox related activities until January. I’ll be on Twitter as that’s where I hang out, but there’ll be no blog posts, no editing, nada.

This is my first break in 18 months, I deserve this.


You can find my books here:

The complete Infernal Hunt series (which you can get for less than $10):

Completed Urban Fantasy series Infernal Hunt

Follow Evelyn as she saves the city of Prague from hellhounds, demons, and more. (Click the image to go to Amazon).


Stolen Ink, book one in my tattoo magician urban fantasy Ink Born. Only 99c.

Stolen Ink Gay Tattoo magician urban fantasy

Dacian really wanted the simple life, where his biggest concern was finding a pretty guy to take home on a Friday night. Unfortunately for him, a tattoo thief is on the loose and it’s down to him to stop them.


I’ll see you in the new year.





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