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2017 Plans, Hopes, And The Like.



2016 has been one hell of a rollercoaster. I published the complete Infernal Hunt series, and wow what a ride that was! Now it’s 2017 and truth be told, I’m in Norway on a sled-dogging trip. If all’s well, I’ll be looking at the Northern lights in the arctic circle while you’re reading this (I’ll be back in Prague on the 5th of January).

As I write this, I’m hoping that starting 2017 with such a fantastic adventure will be a sign of the rest of the year.

I’ll start with the non-bookish plans, because they are potentially the most important. Due to the Trump/Putin disaster, husband and I have decided we’d be best fleeing to Ireland in February (when our rent contract on this apartment runs out). We really don’t like the way things are looking with Putin’s aggression and Trump’s very pro-Putin stance. That makes remaining in Prague riskier than we’d like. We’ve decided we’d be better off moving somewhere safer sooner rather than waiting it out and hoping for the best.

We’ll be moving to Co. Kerry. This won’t be a small, easy, or pleasant transition. Prague is the first place I’ve ever felt is home. It’s breaking my heart to leave it. Moving country is insanely stressful and bloody expensive. We’re not rich. We have a lot of medical bills to pay every month.

On the bookish front, I’m hoping to get five books published next year. 

Stolen Ink is already up for pre-order on Amazon. It’s only 99c and will remain that way until a couple of days after release. That’s book one in my Ink Born series, and I have to admit, I’m madly in love with everything about this series. The world is so much fun to play with, it’s huge! There will be quite a few more series written in this world.

Stolen Ink is also very different to the Infernal Hunt books. Infernal Ties is something is a marmite book – people either love it or hate it. Or I should say, they either love or hate the protagonist Evie. Dacian, the protagonist in Stolen Ink, is very different. He’s much quieter, more thoughtful, a calmer character all around.

I’ll publish Blood And Ink (Ink Born 2) in May, possibly earlier, depending on how the Ireland thing plays out. Then I’ll publish Seers Stone, book 1 in the Hidden Alchemy series – that’s the treasure hunting alchemist series.

We’ll see where things stand from there. I’m toying with the idea of writing an Ink Born novella from the POV of Isa, that’ll be Ink Born 1.5.

Oh and there will be an Infernal Hunt boxset of books 2 – 4 for those who prefer boxsets. I’m looking into taking Infernal Ties wide and maybe going permafree with it. I’m experimenting through January, hence it not being in the boxset.. I may be calling on you guys to help me make Infernal Ties permafree, Amazon can be a pain about it. I’ll let you know. Until then, Infernal Ties is free to download via Instafreebie.

All in all, I’ll be publishing Urban Fantasy with LGBT+ characters who are snarky, passionate, and hopefully very lovable. Thanks for the love and support through 2016. I look forward to sharing 2017 with you all.




12 thoughts on “2017 Plans, Hopes, And The Like.

  1. Happy New Year, my dear! I hope that all goes well with your plans for publication. I am sorry to hear about your struggles, but I hope that the transition goes smoothly and that you are able to feel safe and home in Ireland. Much love to you and sending positive thoughts for a bright and happy 2017 ❤

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  2. Good luck on all the book plans for this year! You know I got you covered for sharing things on my blog for releases and the like. I love that you’re dog sledding at the moment — what a fun adventure and something I’d love to do firsthand so I can write about it.

    PS: “Marmite book” is the perfect term for a love-it or hate-it book. The King is a marmite book. I’m glad there are more out there.

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  3. How are you so damn prolific?? :O Five books in one year! I can’t- HOW?? *bows deeply*
    Best of luck with everything, especially the move. Southampton is the first place I’ve felt at home, too. It would break my heart to leave it. Since you’ll be moving to Ireland you’ll be closer to me, though! (or will you? Hm..) We should try to meet up somewhen 🙂
    I hope everything goes well for you! All my best and love ❤

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  4. County Kerry is beautiful, if a little damp, but I can understand why you’ll miss Prague. Congratulations on your publishing successes in 2016, and all the best with your program for this year! Write on! 🙂

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