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Help Me Make Infernal Ties Permafree!

Thank you everyone who helped me with this! Infernal Ties is now permafree! 


My darlings! I come to you today asking a favour. I am currently trying to make Infernal Ties permafree. This is a scary step but my research says that it’s the right one to try. To make it permafree I need as many people as possible to tell Amazon that it’s free elsewhere, so Amazon then price-matches and makes it free on Amazon.

What I need you guys to do is go to Infernal Ties, then click on the tell us about a lower price button. Drop in one of the links below, put in the price as 0.00 then hit send. Ideally I need you to send one of those little reports for each of the links below. If you’re short on time, then the Kobo and iTunes ones are the really important ones.


The Infernal Ties link –>

The little button you’re looking for –>

Help make infernal ties permafree

What it looks like when you press the button –>


The links to send to Amazon –>



Thanks so much!



20 thoughts on “Help Me Make Infernal Ties Permafree!

  1. Oh, interesting, didn’t know you couldn’t set the prize as 0 yourself. Done iTunes and Kobo at the moment. Will try to go back later, when I have more time to do the rest.

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  2. Good news. And good luck. Let’s hope that gets lots of new readers into the series who go on to buy the other books. I assume that’s the idea. Keep us up to speed with how it all goes, will you? Onward! 🙂

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      1. Cool. I look forward to it. 🙂 My new UF release is in KU so I can’t make it permafree. Might go wide with it later. I’m waiting until I’ve got three published before I decide. I’m always happy to learn from others!

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