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Kaitlyn’s Love Life

Kaitlyns Love Life


I’m currently working on two new Urban Fantasy series, Ink Born with Dacian, and Hidden Alchemy with Kaitlyn.

Now I’ve done a lot of thinking with both, but Kaitlyn’s love life has given me a bit of pause. Traditionally in Urban Fantasy the protagonist ends up in a committed relationship with one person. Sometimes the pair will split and a new one will form, but, most of the time it’s one pairing.

I just don’t see that for Kaitlyn, at least not yet. Maybe she’ll have it a few books down the line, but right now, I see her screwing around.

She’s an adventurer, a treasure hunter, and an alchemist. Those three things are her passions, she has a lust for life, and no interest in settling down with one person for more than two nights. I was worried about that for three reasons:

First the Urban Fantasy idea I mentioned above.

Second, Kaitlyn’s bi, and there’s a lot of horrible assumptions made about bi people being promiscuous.

Third, society isn’t all that keen on promiscuity.

I put up a poll on Twitter to gauge people’s reaction to the idea of her sleeping around instead of settling, and most people were pretty ok with the concept. So I gave it all a bit more thought, I dug a bit deeper into Kaitlyn’s personality, and it fits.

She isn’t broken. She doesn’t have commitment issues. She isn’t scared of the idea, she’s just too busy having fun adventuring to be interested in the concept.

And you know what? Good for her.

We need more characters who do what they really want, who grab life by the horns and make the most of it. Not everyone wants that happily ever after with one person, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So the society part can bite me, and so can the bi commentary. I’m a bi woman, writing a female bi character. There’s no falling into stereotypes here, there’s just me writing a fantastically fun character in all of her technicolour glory.




4 thoughts on “Kaitlyn’s Love Life

  1. Wonderful post! I can’t wait to get to know Kaitlyn. She sounds like the kind of character we need to see more of in books, characters who are real and don’t fall into categories!
    Never lose that passion, my dear ❤

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  2. Personally I don’t care, if it suits the character then there shouldn’t be a problem. I find it odd that so many people don’t approve of a character who’s sleeping around when so many people do just that. Maybe they don’t approve because deep down they don’t like their own behaviour? Hmm…
    Anyway, I don’t mind! 🙂 I look forward to her all the more for it! We need more diversity!

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    1. There’s a whole sociological construct wrapped around the sleeping around thing, it’s a bit of a clusterfuck! Who knows, maybe this will help things a little. 🙂


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