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How To Make Your Book Permafree (and why you’d want to).

How to make your book permafree and why you'd want to

This is a quick guide to making your book permafree and why you’d want to.

Permafree means permanently free, as opposed to free for a limited time via Amazon free days.

Making your book permafree is relatively easy. You’ll likely need some help to do it though.

Step One.

Take your book out of Kindle Unlimited, if it’s in Kindle Unlimited. Your book can’t be exclusive to Amazon if you want it to go permafree. It needs to be wide.

Step two.

Upload it to other retailers – Amazon pays most attention to iTunes and Nook, so they’re the important ones. The more places the merrier. Personally I used Draft2Digital to do this, it made life so much easier.

I uploaded Infernal Ties to iTunes, Nook, Kobo, and Scribd.

When you upload it to the other retailers, do so for $0.00. This is key.

Step three.

Tell Amazon that your book is available on other retailers for a lower price, i.e. free.

To do that scroll down the book’s page and look for the little link that says ‘tell us about a lower price.’

Help make infernal ties permafree

Then click that and fill in the little form with each of your links, iTunes, and so on.



Step four.

Ask your friends and such to do the same thing. The more people that tell Amazon about your book being free on the other retailers, the more likely they are to act quickly and make your book permafree.

Step five.

Contact Amazon directly. You want to really get their attention and make this thing happen, so contact them via the KDP help.

Keep the email to the point, give them the ASIN for the book in question, then the links to all the other retailers where your book is free.

They’ll reply with a form letter about how changing the price is at their discretion. It should only be a few days after this before your book is permafree.


Why would you want your book to be permafree?

First things first – I do not recommend making your book permafree unless:

A. It’s book one in a series.

B. You have a minimum of two sequels out.

Why on Earth would you want to make your book permafree?

Quite simply because you have a much better chance of bringing in new readers. By making book one permafree you’re taking away the risk to the reader of trying you as a new-to-them author. You’re taking away the risk of them trying a new series, and stepping outside of their comfort-zone of familiar authors.

Money is a precious, hard-earned commodity that readers can be very cautious about parting with. You have to give them a reason to do so. A well-written, engaging, and free book one can do just that. Think of it like a free slice of pizza from a new pizzeria. You’re really happy with your normal pizzeria, they’re comfortable, and familiar. You’re not going to turn down a free slice of pizza though, so you take it, and wow, it’s amazing! You’re hooked, you go out and buy a whole pizza.

Competition is fierce, you want to make yourself as shiny and attractive to readers as possible.

So there we have it! A quick and easy guide to making your book permafree. If you found this useful, you can find my permafree Urban Fantasy here.





3 thoughts on “How To Make Your Book Permafree (and why you’d want to).

  1. Thanks Holly. I just checked out your sales ranks on ‘Zon and this is working spectacularly well for your ‘Infernal’ series! Book one is #1 in the entire store in the category ‘werewolves & shifters’ and now all the other books in the series have lifted, selling well, and rising fast. You must be dancing on the Devil’s back! Great stuff! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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