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How To Get A Shiny Series Page On Amazon.

How to get a series page on amazon


This comes from my having found an interesting book on Amazon only to find (after 5mins of reading the reviews!) it was book two in a series, and it required me to read book one for it to make sense.

First things first:

If your book is in a series, make that clear on your covers. Make sure that the series name, and book number within the series, is clear on the cover. I’ll use the Infernal Bonds cover as an example:


You can see there below the book title, is the series title and book number within the series.

Now that you have the covers fixed up, we can go onto the actual series page!

So what is this nice shiny series page I’m talking about? It’s a wonderful thing on Amazon that shows readers how many books are in your series, it puts them all together in one fantastically handy place.

Your book will have your series equivalent of this below the blurb:

Infernal Hunt complete series

Then when people click on your series name, it’ll take you to your equivalent of this page:

(I can only squeeze 3 books on my screen).

Urban fantasy series page on amazon

Urban fantasy series page on amazon 2


That makes things so much easier for readers! Amazon makes it very easy for readers to buy the entire series with one click too.

How do you get one of these pages?

It’s really very easy!

Step one.

When you fill in your book details on Amazon, put your series name and book number in the relevant box. It looks like this:


Step two.

Once the book has been published, claim it on your Author Central page.

Go to your author central, click on the books tab, then this button:


Step three.

Once you have two books in a series out, email Amazon and ask them to give you a series page. Give them the ASINs of the books in question, and simply say they’re all in one series, please give them a series page.

It’ll take anything from 48 hours to a week.

Eh voila, done!



16 thoughts on “How To Get A Shiny Series Page On Amazon.

  1. This is brilliant. Thank you! I wish all my favourite authors did this. Just one, more theoretical question: what if you have a serialised novel – i.e. in a number of episodes?

    Each of mine is novella length and longer, but they are not standalone by any stretch of the imagination. Don’t want to disappoint readers or make them angry.


    1. I believe they work in the same way, as long as you number them 1, 2, 3 etc. Amazon won’t allow partial numbers on the series page though, no 1.5 or anything like that (I’m not sure why). As to upsetting readers, the usual advice is to have a note in each blurb making it clear they’re episodes and do not stand alone. 🙂


  2. I didn’t realize you can ask Amazon to put the series together. They usually do it for me, although there is a time lag. Good advice for the future (oh my! Does that mean another series?)


  3. That does work fine – in most places. I have a series icon up for the Amie books, but when I go on line it says they are not available. I wrote to Amazon and they tell me they are not available as a series as I an on a Spanish ips. Crazy eh?

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