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Providing A Port In This God Forsaken Storm.

We’re all aware of the god awful state of everything around us right now. We’re bombarded with news of the latest tragedy and catastrophe from every angle. On one hand, I’m amazed and so proud of how hard people are fighting to make this right. On the other, I’m completely overwhelmed and lost, and I know I’m not alone in that.

I’m an English expat. I can’t attend marches, I can’t phone reps, I don’t have spare money to give to people like the ACLU. I want to help, but I practically left social media because of the constant barrage.

I get it. Everyone’s fighting in every way they can. They’re getting information out there. That’s fantastic, really, it is. It’s also depressing and anxiety inducing, and just too much.

I know quite a few people who’ve pretty much left social media because they cannot handle the constant barrage. That’s a problem.

If people are overwhelmed, and worn down, they can’t fight.

If people are feeling as though they’re drowning, and they’re losing hope, they can’t fight.

We need everyone to come together and fight this with everything we have.

Not all of us can fight in the traditional ways. Not all of us can attend marches and such. Yes, we could could RT the news and the information, but there are limits. By joining in with that, we’re putting more strain on those people who’re already at breaking point.

I’m calling on the people like me, those who want to help, but can’t in the traditional way. I’m calling on you to provide those who can fight with ports in the storm.

We need to give our fighters a respite. We need to give them spaces where they can breathe, where they can regain their strength and recover. We need to give them smiles and hope.

I can’t do anything in person, but I am still here online. So I am doing what I can to give people those smiles.

My primary way of doing this is to post cute animal pics on Twitter and keep my feed politics and heavy topic free. I focus on celebrations, and talk of my books which are full of happy gay guys in healthy relationships. I’m still me, I mention my eating disorder, and the fact I’m really sad to be leaving Prague. I’m not lying to people, I’m not pretending I’m someone else. I’m just focusing on the happier things.

I’ve already had people come to me and thank me for giving them those smiles. It sounds so foolish, so frivolous, but it really does help.

I’m asking you guys to help too. You can put aside 5 minutes a day to schedule some happy tweets. Find some adorable animal pics and videos, find some inspiration quotes, dig out those happy and funny writing snippets. You can schedule tweets via Tweetdeck

Provide those who are fighting this, those who are trying to make the world bright and happy again, with a port in this god awful storm. Take a few moments to give them a smile. Take a moment to help them breathe and escape this shitstorm.

Together we can do this.




4 thoughts on “Providing A Port In This God Forsaken Storm.

  1. I can absolutely send happy tweets your way, Holly ❤ I believe you've already joined our cake feast yesterday 😛 Always happy to supply the internet with adorable baby animals doing ridiculously cute stuff! Hang on in there, Hol. We'll get through this.

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  2. I love this rallying cry for strength and unity, my dear! It does seem like some days are just bogged down with anger and sadness. Thank you for doing what you can to bring happiness to our days. I’ll try my best to pick up the call and do the same ❤

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