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A Tale Of Two Series.


Tonight I’m celebrating having hit an authorly milestone. Before we go any further I just want to state that I’m sharing this in the hopes that it’ll inspire and help my fellow indies. It is in no way intended as bragging.

I’ve been having an odd problem with Book Report for the past couple of days, it kept telling me that I needed to subscribe. For those who don’t use Book Report, you don’t need to subscribe until you’ve earnt $1,000 in a month. Well, it turned out the problem was with me being daft not Book Report! I have in fact earnt over $1,000 over the last 30 days!


I knew that the books had been doing well, but I hadn’t realised they’d been doing quite that well! Thanks guys, for your love and support, I couldn’t have done it without you! 😀

This isn’t (purely) a celebration post though. No, I want to look at the differences between these series and see why Ink Born took off, and Infernal Hunt didn’t do quite as well.

  • Both series are Urban Fantasy.
  • Both series make use of familiar Urban Fantasy tropes.
  • Both series are written from first person POV.
  • Both series made the use of pre-orders.

The biggest difference, is that the Ink Born series hit a niche, a concept, that readers absolutely love.

Infernal Hunt was written quite specifically to be classic Urban Fantasy. It has the snarky female lead, a good dash of magic, a sexy hellhound (I do love Lysander), and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I love that series, but it’s not new ground. I feel like I did well with it, I put a lot of work into the world and such, but I didn’t stray too far from standard Urban Fantasy.

Ink Born on the other hand was written from the heart. I wrote Stolen Ink for me. I’ve wanted to write a tattoo magician for years, and I finally got around to doing it. I created a huge fantasy kitchen sink world, and I went to town throwing in things that I adore and I wanted to see more of in Urban Fantasy. It ended up being a primarily gay cast, with an asexual (Vyx) and a few bi characters. It has my ever present snarky and wonderful elf. It has shifters. It’s very much my book, written for me.

Stolen Ink took off. It earnt more money in the first week than the first two Infernal Hunt books did in their first month. People absolutely loved the tattoo magician concept, they adored the big fantasy kitchen sink world, and the LGBT+ bits were the sprinkles on the top.

Blood & Ink, the sequel, has now achieved more pre-orders in the first 5 days than all of my Infernal Hunt books combined. It’s looking to beat the Stolen Ink pre-orders within a couple of days. That’s amazing! I’m absolutely gobsmacked!

The Ink Born series focuses on a concept that people have been dying to read, and love reading. It’s set in a fresh new world, and those things have come together to allow me to really make a go of this full-time author thing.

No, I’m not a bestseller, but I also don’t have spare money to throw into AMS (Amazon) ads, Facebook ads, and everything else like a lot of the bestsellers do. I am however making enough to pay rent and food, and I’m insanely proud of that.

In summary:

  • Write books that you’re madly passionate about.
  • Know your market inside and out.
  • Give readers what they really want, and make sure to make yourself happy doing it.
  • Celebrate every milestone.


Thanks guys. I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat, and it’s thanks to the love and support you’ve given me. I hope that this provides you with some insight and helps you achieve your goals.





12 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Series.

  1. The $1000 a month is a fabulous milestone! Thanks for sharing. You’ve worked hard and smart and stayed true to yourself. I’m sure it’s that combination which has led to your success. I’m delighted for you! Celebrating on your behalf. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is awesome! Well done, Holly! 🙂 Also I did not realise Blood and Ink was out for preorder already (been out of loop and behind with checking blogs). I still haven’t read Stolen Ink, because I like reading series in one go, but still going to place that pre-order 🙂 I’m sure you’ve talked about it before, but I might have missed: how many books will Ink Born series have?


    1. Thanks! I don’t have a set number in mind for Ink Born yet. I’m writing book 3 and have a rough outline for book 4. There’s potential for it to go quite long like the Dresden Files. We’ll see 🙂


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