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Hanging Up My Hat As A Developmental Editor.

The time has come where I officially hang up my hat as a developmental editor. It’s been getting more and more difficult to find clients for the past year or more. Now I don’t blame people, and I’ve been blessed to work with the most amazing authors. Unfortunately, the economy is shit, and publishing is a risky business. People are turning to free beta readers and critique circles. They need to tighten their belts, and well a lot of people consider a developmental edit to be a luxury.

Personally I wouldn’t give up my developmental edit on my books for the world, but, I completely understand that not everyone can afford to hang onto that service. I’m sad to let this service go, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with my clients and helping them make their stories shine.

So now I’m a full-time author and absolutely terrified by that fact. I’m not closing the door on other income options (local part-time jobs, copywriting, I won’t turn down developmental editing if it comes to me, and so on), but I am shifting my focus far more intensely on my authorial stuff.

If deadlines come up ok, and there aren’t any major set-backs with health or visa drama, then I’m hoping to get 5 books out this year. That’s my limit. I refuse to give up my developmental edit and my books need three rounds of copy editing, that all takes time.

Anyway, I rambled. It’s the end of an era. I’m sad, completely terrified, but also over the moon that I have enough of a readership to really try this.

Thank you, you wonderful, amazing, supportive people.


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