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Beating The 30 Day Cliff.



I hate the 30 day cliffs. Oh yes unfortunately there are more than one of them. The 30 day cliff is where your earnings (and rank) drop off a cliff at the 30 day mark. That’s 30 days after the release of your book. My earnings halved with the Infernal Hunt books at the 30 day mark. It was horrible.

Today marks the 60 day cliff for Stolen Ink, and I have seen its rank drop from 5k to 10k already.

The key I’ve found is promotion. The problem is that Amazon prefers newer books, so the longer your book’s been out the harder it is to get up through those ranks. The lower your rank, the less visibility you have, thus the less chance at finding new readers.

Promotion gets your book out in front of new readers.

I beat the 30 day cliff with Stolen Ink with the promotion I mentioned in the how I earned $1,000 this month post. I ran a promotion on Stolen Ink itself, dropping it down to 99c. I also made Infernal Bonds free a week apart from that. The sales and views from Infernal Bonds gave Stolen Ink a boost. That meant that Stolen Ink sat at around the 5k overall mark for the next 30 days.

Today marks day 60 since the release though. I can’t afford to do a big promotional push because I’ve booked the biggest promotion I’ve ever tried to do, for May. That will fit around Stolen Ink’s 90 day cliff, and the release of book 2, Blood & Ink.

I’ve found that sales jump up quite nicely when I drop Stolen Ink down to 99c, even without promotion. So I’ve dropped it to 99c and it’ll stay there for the next 24 hours. I have a small promotion booked next week to help it hold its rank and keep ticking along until the release of Blood & Ink.

The best thing you can do to beat these cliffs is release a new book, but not many of us can release a book every 30 days! So a good promotional push and releasing books as frequently as we’re comfortable with is the best thing we can do.

These cliffs are easy to predict, so I recommend planning ahead and booking your promotion as soon as you can. Get ahead of the game. 🙂

I hope this helps.



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