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Useful Posts Directory.

I’m going on hiatus from this blog. I feel like I’ve covered all of the useful content that I’m interested in, at least for the moment. So I’ve put together a list of the posts that I feel will be most useful to any indie authors that find themselves here.

Creating A Story/Series Bible in Scrivener.

Beating The 30 Day Cliff.

How To Format A Pretty Ebook In Scrivener.

The Difference A New Blurb Makes.

How To Get A Shiny Series Page On Amazon.ย 

Earning Over $1k A Month: The Data.

Tackling Writers’ Block.

How To Make Your Book Perma-Free And Why You’d Want To.

Using Positive Reinforcements And Rewards To Help You Achieve More.

Adding Conflict To Your Story.

How To Hit Those Wordcount Goals.

How To Create A Story Bible.

Getting To Know Your Characters: A Questionnaire.

Worldbuilding: A Questionnaire.

How I Wrote And Published An Entire Quadrilogy In 12 Months.

It’s Not About Authors, It’s About Readers.









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