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Blood & Ink Release Results.


I didn’t plan on doing one of these posts. I didn’t expect there to be anything really worth reporting back, to be quite honest. Of course I hoped for something, but I didn’t dream it would happen.

A couple of small notes – I don’t like Ballantines, and I would never put ice in my scotch. I don’t want people getting the wrong idea about me 😉 

Yesterday, Blood & Ink (Ink Born 2) went live. It achieved 535 pre-orders, thanks to a link in the back of Stolen Ink and a newsletter I sent out to my 1,600 subscribers.

I was kinda hoping for Blood & Ink to hit #10,000 overall on Amazon. It’s a book two, anyone who was that interested would have pre-ordered.

As I write this, through tears of joy, it’s sitting at #2,100 overall on Amazon.


I didn’t bother to send out ARCs because it’s a book 2 and I’ve not had much luck getting advanced readers to post their reviews. It garnered 5 reviews within 12 hours.

I’m not saying this to brag, I’m genuinely crying with joy as I write this. I didn’t dare hope it would do this well. I mean… I have fans!

I wish that I had some pearl of wisdom to share with you to help you achieve your dreams, but I only have what hundreds of authors have said before me.

Write the very best book you can. Put the best cover you can find on it. Make the blurb really intriguing and grab the reader. Rinse, and repeat.

For those who like numbers:

I don’t know how many sales Blood & Ink had yesterday. The pre-orders are muddying the water as they’re slowly coming in at the moment. I don’t know which sales are new sales, and which are pre-orders coming through.

It garnered 6,900 pages read.

According to a chart the very talented and generous Phoenix Sullivan put together, it must have achieved 85 – 100 sales and Kindle Unlimited loans yesterday. They’re new sales/loans, the pre-orders counted towards the rank when the person hit the pre-order button.

I’m completely overwhelmed.

Thank you everyone for your love and support.

I’ll try to remember to update this post over the next few days for people who like data and numbers.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Blood & Ink Release Results.

  1. Congratulations Holly! As ever I am in awe of your accomplishments! You are amazing and talented and your perseverance is inspiring! Stay well and celebrate well! You deserve to be proud 🙂

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