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Blood & Ink Release Results (with data).


On May 5th Blood & Ink (Ink Born 2) went live. This post outlines how that launch went. For the purpose of this blog, I’m considering the launch to be May 5th – May 12th.

I’m sharing these in the hopes that the data will help some of my fellow indie authors achieve their goals and dreams. Sharing data allows us to see what does and doesn’t work, to learn as a community. It’s not my intention to brag. I spent a lot of this last week crying tears of joy and thanking everyone around me for the incredible love and support.

I decided that as Stolen Ink (Ink Born 1) was doing pretty well for itself, I wanted to really push and put everything behind the launch of Blood & Ink. To do that, I booked a number of promotion sites and arranged a few newsletter swaps, spanning the dates above.

The books:

Stolen Ink: 

50k long which comes up at 199 pages on Amazon kindle.

Book 1 in the LGBT+ Urban Fantasy series.

Stolen Ink had 36 reviews and an average of 4.6 stars on Amazon on May 5th.

The average rank on the Amazon store was 8k which was maintained since launch on February 10th.

Blood & Ink:

50k long comes up at 176 pages on Amazon kindle (less dialogue and spacing).

Book 2 in the LGBT+ Urban Fantasy series.

90 day pre-order at 99c.

The rank on May 5th was 14k.


The promotional line-up:

I started booking the sites for this 2 months out. I knew I wanted it to be as big as I could afford to make the most of the momentum Stolen Ink had built up to date.

These were all used on Stolen Ink which was 99c for the duration.

I used the following sites, some were great, some I won’t use again:

BargainBooksy, BookSends, BookBarbarian, eBookSoda, Fussy Librarian, Betty Book Freak, FKBT, My Book Cave, Robin Reads, Sweet Free Books, RR Newsletter featured promo.

As with every promo site, what worked for me could be awful for someone else and vice versa. It comes down to cover, genre, subgenre, blurb, and what readers want on that individual day.

I also had 4 newsletter swaps arranged with people who had lists ranging from 12k – 30k subscribers.

The rankings:

Both Stolen Ink and Blood & Ink got down to #2,100 overall on Amazon. Had I have arranged the promotional sites a bit tighter rather than sprawled out over a week, Stolen Ink would have done better.

They fluctuated between #2,100 – #4,100 over the course of the week. Sometimes Blood & Ink ranked higher than Stolen Ink and vice versa.

The reception of Blood & Ink from readers:

Blood & Ink had a total of 536 pre-orders by the time it went live on May 5th.

Those pre-orders came from a link in the back of Stolen Ink and a mention of the book to my newsletter list (about 1600 subscribers). The vast, vast, majority came from the link the back of Stolen Ink.

I sent out one ARC to a book blogger that requested a copy. I’ve had too much trouble getting ARC readers to leave reviews so I didn’t bother.

Blood & Ink garnered 3 organic 5* reviews on day one. It’s currently sitting at 10 reviews with a 4.9 average (cue happy tears).

The cold hard numbers:

This screenshot is taken from my Book Report. The dates are May 4th – today. I put it to May 4th as some of Blood & Ink’s pre-orders came in then.

Keep in mind that 534 of the sales on Blood & Ink are pre-orders (2 didn’t go through).


I’m pretty sure I made a complete fool of myself over the course of this launch due to emotion. I spent the first two days crying tears of joy because it went so well, and readers really loved the book. I’m still in shock to be honest. Of course I hoped it’d do well, but I didn’t dare think it really would go this well. Good things don’t happen to me.

I’ll be doing another big promo push for the launch of Ink Bound in August as this one worked so well.

I hope this helps some people plan their own book launches and achieve their goals.







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