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Sunday Sharing: June 4 2017


It’s been a good while since I did one of these!

Things have been mad here. I’m pleased to say that progress is being made though! I finally wrapped up the first draft of Ink Bound on Thursday night. My stubbornness kicked in and I wrote 10,000 words. Dear gods it was hard and I crashed out and slept for 14 hours afterwards. It’s done though! The weight has lifted!

I have to give thanks to my editor for being so patient and working with me through this. He was editing the first half of the book while I wrote the second half so we could keep the publishing schedule on track. I did put the release date back by a week in the end to give us both some breathing room.

The reason this book was so damn hard to write wasn’t the book itself, but real life everything that was going on at the same time. We had a lot of medical bills to pay due to husband’s chronic condition. Every new doctor thinks they’re a bloody genius and every previous doctor was a moron. So every time we go to a new doctor they insist on running expensive tests, because the previous doctors had clearly missed something *eye roll*. So they ended up costing more than rent. Of course there was all the visa stuff too, and US taxes to deal with, and husband’s student loan BS, on top of all the usual paperwork, and the irritating little things that come with moving country. All in all it’s been insanely stressful.

That’s all done now though! I feel like a physical weight has been lifted. I’m now on a two week holiday/vacation/time off. I won’t go anywhere (see above about stupid amounts of money going on medical stuff), but I have been filling my kindle with books to read (thank the gods for Kindle Unlimited). Thus far I’ve slept for some twenty hours and read one book, I feel like that’s a pretty good start!

Next up on my writing agenda is Seers Stone (Hidden Alchemy 1). This is my #OwnVoices series, it follows bisexual treasure-hunting alchemist Kaitlyn. I love her! 😍

I had originally said that, due to the Ink Born books selling well, I’d write Ritual Ink (Ink Born 4) first, but I can’t. I just can’t do it. I love Dacian and co, but I need a break.

This is the current opening couple of paragraphs from Seers Stone it’s first draft, unedited, and open to being tweaked.

I should have listened to my instincts. Something felt off when I added the ground celestial feather to the phoenix ash. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, but there was a distinct sense of wrongness. Fortunately I did listen to my instincts when the mixture began to fizz. I dove under the workbench and was quickly accompanied by Wispy, just in the nick of time too. The mixture exploded with a rather impressive array of colour. The explosion itself was almost musical in the way it began with a deep thrumming boom and ended in a high-pitched shriek. Unfortunately the mess it made of my lab was equally as impressive, and difficult to clean up. The knocking on the floor from the apartment below wrapped up the entire experience. “Yes Mrs. Frank I know, stop making things explode.” I muttered to myself as I crawled out from my safe space under the desk.

Wispy remained under the desk, watching, waiting. I rolled my eyes at the Wil’O’the Wisp. He could be so melodramatic sometimes, just because I’d blown up the previous lab didn’t mean I was going to do it again. The powder that had coated the work benches and walls began to pop and fizzle. Maybe Wispy had the right idea after all. I didn’t quite make it back under the desk before the entire apartment rattled and shuddered before it heaved a great sigh. Everything went deathly silent for one beautiful moment, before an awful high-pitched wailing began. I covered my ears and cursed out Kal. He must have given me faulty celestial feather, it was my own fault, I should have checked it more closely. I could hear Mrs. Frank banging on the floor below me, even over the wailing. It was one of those days.

By some miracle the wailing only lasted fifteen minutes, it took me the rest of the day to clean the lab though. One of the benches had a number of small holes in it, and the wall had a new crack running down it. My landlord would be glad to be rid of me. It wasn’t my fault, if the alchemical guild would stop getting in the way of my paperwork and allow me to buy my own lab without joining their stupid little club, I wouldn’t keep ruining apartments. I was absolutely exhausted and ready to watch my favourite tv show with the super sexy Elle Kyne front and centre by the end of the day.

Elle was just about to put an end to the bad guy when my phone rang. Wispy flew around the living room at high speed, which was entirely unhelpful. He stopped dead over the red cushion with the phoenix on the front. He began spitting out small sparks and fluttering, I lifted the cushion to find my phone. I’d missed the call though. “Thank you Wispy.” I said.


I’m probably going to do some plotting on that over the next couple of weeks. Nothing too heavy, just playing around as I feel like it. I’ll also likely screw around with a fun project or two. I’ve been toying with Torn Asunder which is the soulmates that hate each other Urban Fantasy. We’ll see what happens! If I write anything short that I like I may throw it up on here, I’ll almost certainly put it on Twitter (yes I know I spend too much time there 😝).

On the Ireland front – no one will be surprised that it’s rained a lot here. I’m kinda missing the Prague summer, but Ireland’s absolutely wonderful. I’m so much more relaxed and happier here, even with all the visa shit. The locals have been complaining about how dry it’s been here, I’m not sure if they’re screwing with me or not! It’s rained for a solid couple of hours pretty much every day we’ve been here. And I mean heavy rain.

Oh! The Infernal Hunt books are going wide. Infernal Ties is already wide, it’s on Kobo, B&N, Scribd, and some others. I’ll get it up on Apple and probably Google Play soon. The rest of the series will go wide in July when they’re out of Kindle Unlimited.

I think that about covers it! If you have any book recommendations you’d like to share please do! I am always open to book recommendations!! 



2 thoughts on “Sunday Sharing: June 4 2017

  1. Love the excerpt Holly. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling more relaxed in Ireland. It must be beautiful there – even with the rain! Hope you enjoy your little break! Take care of yourself 🙂

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