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Writing Adventure: Meet My Treasure-Hunting Alchemist.


As I mentioned in my last post, I’m taking a (brief) break from the Ink Born series to start a new one, Hidden Alchemy! I’ve mentioned this in passing before, but as it’s next on my line up, I want to share a bit more about it.

Hidden Alchemy follows Kaitlyn, a bisexual alchemist with a lust for adventure. She didn’t plan on becoming a treasure-hunter, she just couldn’t help herself. She’s a high achiever, a very talented alchemist, and she has insatiable wanderlust. So when her best friend challenged her to retrieve an alchemical artifact in South America, she couldn’t resist. They started competing through the rest of college, seeing who could get the treasure first. She’d built herself quite a reputation by the time she left college.

The first book, Seers Stone sees her being called to Prague to work for Dacian’s boss (Dacian being the Ink Born protagonist). Fein has heard Kaitlyn’s reputation and has hired her to find and retrieve the Seers Stone, an elusive verging on mythical alchemical artifact. He throws a very nice private lab into the mix, and Kaitlyn can’t resist. Thus starts her career as Fein’s personal treasure-hunter.

This is my first #OwnVoices book (with my being a bisexual woman and all), and I’m really excited to dive in. Kaitlyn’s such a breath of fresh air and so much fun! She grabs life by the horns and doesn’t waste any opportunity for adventure, fun, exploration and all those other amazing things.

I’ve mentioned before that her love life isn’t the usual monogamous, long-term relationship deal. She’s not interested in that right now, she wants to explore new people, new ideas, and so she sleeps around. She enjoys men, women, elves, shifters, and everything else that she feels an attraction to. None last more than a few days because there are far too many shiny new adventures to be had. I’m stating this here and now, because the idea bugs me – she is not broken. She does have commitment issues. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her, no tragic backstory, nothing. She’s just a passionate woman with a lust for life and she hasn’t found anyone she wants to spend more than a few nights with. If or when she finds the person or people, then we’ll see how that goes.

Yes, I am aware that some people may see a bisexual woman sleeping around as a toxic stereotype or some such, but that’s just tough shit. The simple fact of the matter is that that is her personality and outlook on life. There are plenty of bisexuals out there who have a similar attitude and way of enjoying sex and life. Ignoring that, and trying to go against Kaitlyn’s personality to please a few people, it not the way I do things. And who knows, maybe seeing Kaitlyn happy and balanced while screwing around will help some woman who feels the same, but feels shamed by society. Having a happy, extensive sex life with numerous partners works for some people. Kaitlyn’s one of them.

*Gets back down off soap box*

I’ll be planning this book out over the coming weeks. I have an opening scene pinned down, but I need to tie the first couple of chapters back into one of the Ink Born books. This will be a completely separate series from Ink Born. Readers will not need to read both series. There’s just going to be a few little overlaps that people might enjoy reading from both angles. They’re little cameos, nothing that ties them together enough to push readers into needing both series.

I’m probably going to regret these little cameos but I can’t help myself, it’s fun.

There isn’t a playlist for this yet as I haven’t sunk my teeth into the writing, but there is a Pinterest board!


And! As you can see there on the Pinterest board, there is a gorgeous, absolutely stunning cover already!! 😍😍 My cover artist absolutely blew me away with that cover.

I’m sure I’ll be talking about Kaitlyn a lot over the coming weeks and months. We’ll see how things go, I might share some scenes and short stories too. No promises.


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