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Ideas I’ll Never Write: So I’m Sharing Them With You!


I think every writer I know has far more ideas than they’ll ever write in their lifetime. I figure that as I’m a lovely person (if I do say so myself) that I’d share a few with you!

I’m also currently on sabbatical, so you’re only this one idea today, because I don’t have the brain power to pull together the rest of them.

This is something that popped up from a conversation I had with my BFF (best friend). Neither of us will ever write it, so I’m throwing out what we have here. Who knows, maybe someone will find inspiration from it.

We have a lot of inside jokes around necromancers, (we’re both UF writers), so this spiraled from one such comment.

What if there was a world where revival, as in coming back from the dead, was a normal thing? What if necromancers were good businessmen, and people collected necro-tokens which allowed them to be revived?

Then… what if some of those necromancers had side-businesses. Some of them might steal fragments of people’s souls when they revived them, and sell them off to the highest bidder. Criminals could have those fragments implanted to help them hide from the law. Rich people could use them to gain attributes they wanted.

That leads to husks, which are people that have one or more pieces of their soul missing. They’re zombie-like, desperately searching for a soul fragment to make them whole again. People who’ve had too many fragments swapped out and replaced are called the stitched, they have the work done by stitchers.

Some people try to insert extra fragments of soul into themselves, giving them too much soul. That results in madness and mutation.

Then, there are other necromancers, who make their extra money by switching out revivor’s souls for those of changelings! They’ve cut a deal with the fae. Of course all of this screwing around with souls is a messy business, and not everyone takes the proper precautions. That leaves gaps for things from the other side to slip through. Dark and dangerous things.


It looks like a fun idea, but I have my hands full with the ink world and all. So have fun!



2 thoughts on “Ideas I’ll Never Write: So I’m Sharing Them With You!

  1. Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt!!! THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING IDEA EVER!!! I want to run away and marry it!

    I’d love to give it ago, but I feel like I wouldn’t do it justice. This is soooo clever and well thought out!!

    Liked by 1 person

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