book recommendations

Book Recommendations (June. 14. 2017).


I used to recommend books reasonably regularly but stress took over and that slipped away. I’m going to make an effort to return to recommending books I’ve loved.

To be clear – there will no reviews, and only books that I’ve personally read and thoroughly enjoyed.

You can expect these to mostly be low-romance Urban Fantasy, although there’ll likely be some m/m paranormal romance, supernatural suspense, and action-adventure thrillers in there too. Oh and there’s a 99% chance they’ll be in Kindle Unlimited because my book budget is non-existent.

I can’t remember when I last did one of these, so there could be some repeated books. All links go direct to – which handily automatically puts in one of those previews for me!

I loved this series! Well the 3 books I’ve read of it so far. It’s tight, with an interesting plot, and OMG the antihero!! 😍😍


The twists on fairytales on this absolutely masterfully done!! I was completely hooked and loved every second.



I really enjoyed the magic system in this book.



These have a definite Dresden Files vibe to them, but they’re quicker-paced. I adore Tabitha the cat.



This is book one in a series of standalones. I enjoy some more than others, but it’s definitely a sold series. It’s Arthurian Urban Fantasy which is fun.


I have a heap of books to read on my Kindle so hopefully I’ll have some more books to recommend soon! I’ll only be recommending books I rate 4 stars and higher. If you’d like to see my ongoing commentary and all you can find me on Goodreads. 



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