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Changes Are Being Made Around Here!



This blog has been getting quieter and quieter for a while now. I’ve concluded that the reason for that is because at some point, it became more geared towards helping my fellow indie authors. Now that’s awesome, I love helping my fellows. That being said, I’m tired of writing those types of posts. I’ve run out of interest in discussing those topics.

So instead, this blog is going to go back to its roots. I’ll be moving away from the posts on writing mechanics, marketing, results from my book launches, and all of that. Instead, I’m going to be moving back towards squeeing over books I love, talking about tropes I love and hate, discussing how my own writing’s coming along, and that stuff.

The simple fact of the matter is, this blog does not make me any money. It does take time and energy to write posts and such. If that time/energy isn’t going towards profit, then it needs to go towards something that’s good for my mental health. So I’m reclaiming it as my little corner of the internet to do with as I see fit.

The posts I’ve done thus far to help my fellow indie authors will remain up under the author resources tab.



5 thoughts on “Changes Are Being Made Around Here!

    1. So am I! I want to do more book recommendation posts. I’m hoping now the visa and medical stuff has settled down I can relax and read more, and then squee more 😀


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