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Exciting Future Projects (all set in the Ink world).


I’ve been thinking about my Ink world, and publishing plans a lot recently. I absolutely adore the Ink world, I get a huge grin on my face every time I talk about it. So I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that I have plans for a few more series set here. Some characters readers will have already met, or will meet soon. Some haven’t shown up in Dacian’s life.

Next up is Kaitlyn Felis, I’ve talked about her quite a bit so she’ll only get a quick mention here. She made a small cameo in Stolen Ink. She hit on Dacian in a bar not realising he’s gay (she was mortified!). Kaitlyn’s a bisexual treasure-hunting alchemist with a thirst for adventure and lust for life. I’m excited to be writing her first book next.

My editor it trying to convince me to drop Kaitlyn, well push her books back, and write Leona Skoros next. Leona is a lesbian blood magician who shows up in Ink Bound. She’s a fantastically fun, bouncy, lively woman with a huge personality. Blood magic is however a dark and cruel master, so her book will be wonderful fun to write. She’s so smiley and confident on the outside, but hides so much more inside.

Somewhere along the line Tyn will get a series. Tyn’s a Cait Sidhe who shows up in Blood & Ink – he’s my adorable broken little kitten. He has an awful tragic backstory, but he’s strong, and sweet, I have so many heart eyes for him. He’ll provide an interesting look into the criminal underground side of the Ink world as he works for Fein. He’s bisexual and I’m really excited to write his romance arc, it won’t be the focus, but the heart eyes!!

Bran Arkades has been calling to me as of late. He actually came to me in a dream, which is fitting given he’s a kick-ass dreamwalker. Most of the magic systems in the Ink world have two halves. Readers saw the more esoteric side of dreamwalkers in Ben, in Stolen Ink, Bran’s the more military side of the system. He’s bisexual and a very different personality to those above. He’s confident, charming, and far more of a typical hero than Dacian. It’s his job to keep the darkness from slipping through from the dream network into the world.

Jesse Oscun is younger than the other protagonists. He’s a sweet air elemental who made an awful mistake. He dreamt of getting into the air house his whole life, but when he finally achieves it he realises it’s not at all what he wanted. The problem is, once you join a magical house there’s no going back. You go into a blood bond with the house, the only way to break that is death. Jesse’s very much a family guy, so his story will be more about family and how far you’ll go to keep family safe and happy.

I really want to write a series with Isa Swyft (in Stolen Ink) and Caiden Allaidh (the hound of the wild hunt) too. There’s so much potential to explore with the weaving as a magic system and Caiden as a hound of the wild hunt. Isa’s gay, and Caiden’s bisexual.

I’m so incredibly excited about all of these series they all offer different angles on the Ink world. If I could write them all simultaneously I would. I’m absolutely dying to share them with everyone!!

For those who’ve read the Ink Born books – which character or magic system would you love to see me write about? 



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