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Sssoooo… I may have been neglecting this blog just a teeny bit. Truth be told I haven’t really figured out what on Earth I’m doing with it from here on out. To start with, I bring you updates!

We’ll get the personal life stuff out of the way first shall we.

July’s been pretty shit. I started it all excited because I was going to write Seers Stone and Ritual Ink side by side, and it’d be awesome because I’d write so much quicker…

Yea about that.

July has been all about health issues. My poor husband had a bad bout of food poisoning, I spent 3 days looking after him. I had a week of migraines, another week of really bad insomnia. Add in depression, anxiety, and the eating disorder and you have a real fuckeroo. I’m getting back to myself now, well, sort of. My left leg is kinda fucked. The twisted knees thing mean that I’m prone to muscle tears and such. It’s also led to my left ankle joint being pulled out of alignment. It’s not too bad yet, but it is currently painful and means I’m supposed to be resting. Le sigh.

On a happy note! I’m pooling all of my birthday funds (July 31st) into my next tattoo! It’s booked for August 23rd, and I’m ridiculously excited. This will be my 3rd tattoo. I’m getting a magpie on my right forearm – don’t worry, there will pics on Twitter when I get it. There’s no way in hell that I won’t be sharing this very loudly lol.



As you can expect from the bit above, this hasn’t been going as well as I’d hoped. I was supposed to have Seers Stone wrapped up and be halfway through writing Ritual Ink right now…

I’m actually 35% into Seers Stone, and it’s slow going. I love the story, the characters, but I’m scared. It’s a new style of Urban Fantasy, and my anxiety is not making this easy. I have a beat sheet, a thorough outline, I can and will do this.

I’ve got a rough plan for Forgotten Ink (Ink Born 5) and Celestial Tears (Hidden Alchemy 2) though, so that’s awesome!

I’m really hoping to get both Seers Stone and Ritual Ink out this year, so I need to pull myself together and get this done. I’m currently writing the ending of Seers Stone and then I’ll go back and write the middle. I always rush the ending because I’m tired and want it done when I get there, so I’m hoping this will smooth that out.



On the publishing/business front, I’ve been focusing on aggressively growing my newsletter. I’m pulling the Infernal Hunt books out of Kindle Unlimited, the first two are already out, the latter two will be out in a few days. The reason for that is two fold.

First – I can (and am) using the first two books to grow my mailing list. They’re up on Instafreebie and doing a great job.

Secondly – They’ve stopped selling on Amazon, so it’s time to start building a name for myself wide.

On the topic of wide. I am fully aware of the god awful shit show that is Kindle Unlimited right now. I’m aware of the scammers in their various forms, of how each god damn category is full of erotica, and everything else. I know that a lot of authors think that anyone who stays in KU is an idiot, but the simple fact of the matter is that Urban Fantasy does well in KU. Kindle Unlimited is a good chunk of my income, and that income pays my bills. I absolutely cannot afford to lose 90% of my income and spend 12 months building a name wide. /rant

I’ve been throwing Infernal Ties and Infernal Bonds into pretty much every multi-author Instafreebie that will have them. My mailing list now has about 4.5k subscribers, and I expect that to be 6k or more by the end of next month. I’ve moved over to Mailerlite from MailChimp – the discount that comes with using Instafreebie and Mailerlite is great and much appreciated.

After doing a lot of reading and thinking, I’ve decided to do two newsletters a month, each full of bargains for my subscribers. The bargains are a mix of free/99c Urban Fantasy and related, and Instafreebie group promos. This is keeping my subscribers happy as they came to be via a bargain, and appreciate being notified of further bargains. That being said, my organic sign-ups (those that comes from the link in the back of my books) are kept entirely separate. They only receive news about my books.

Ink Bound goes live on August 4th and I’m doing my first big promo-stack on Stolen Ink on the same day. I have 10 or so promo sites lined up for that day, we’ll see how that goes. There’s been a lot of talk about how promo’s less effective in the summer due to the summer slump, but I refuse to sit here and let it slide on by.

The summer slump is definitely hitting me hard, it’s not unexpected but that doesn’t make it at all pleasant. I’m doing a big promo push the first week of August to try and kick everything back to life and hopefully keep it ticking along until September when things are supposed to pick up again.


I think that covers everything.

<insert witty sign off here>


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