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News & Plans – August 2017 edition.


As I’m sure you’re aware, Ink Bound was released last Friday. I couldn’t be happier with how that release went!

People leapt on the book and the reviews are great (I only read reviews on release day, my editor reads them & integrates useful information into his editing notes on my later books after that). Ink Bound reached #2 in LGBT fantasy and #2,200 overall on!

I’m blown away by the positive reaction to these books. I have readers, and fans! I can’t believe I’m saying that, it’s surreal in the best possible way. Thank you to everyone who’s supported me through this amazing journey to date. 😍

This release does however mark a turning point in my publishing strategy and plans. The following bit is more for indie authors, if you’re a reader and not interested in all that business talk, scroll down to the reader bits below. 

I won’t be using pre-orders for the next two releases. I achieved 524 pre-orders with Ink Bound and I want to see what impact that had on release day sales and rank. Given that sales and pages read began rolling in within an hour of the book going live, I’m hopeful that dropping the pre-order will allow me to have an even better release day with the next book.

I did run a lot of promotions on Stolen Ink on release day, and the results were disappointing. Unfortunately this summer is proving to be rough for a lot of authors, and I’m no exception. I’ll be focusing on building my newsletter list for the rest of the year. Depending on how things look in late autumn-early winter, I might try a free run on Stolen Ink. We’ll see.

From here on out I’ll be focusing my promotional efforts on my newsletter rather than on paid promotion. I won’t drop the paid promotion completely, but I won’t be doing anywhere near as much as I was.

On the more reader orientated front:

I have tentative release dates for the next three books! I’ve spoken to my editor and we’re going to try and pick up the pace on everything.

Seers Stone (Hidden Alchemy 1) – September 27th – 99c for the first 24 hours, no pre-order.

Ritual Ink (Ink Born 4) – November 22nd – 99c for the first 24 hours, no pre-order.

Celestial Tears (Hidden Alchemy 2) – January 26th – 99c for the first 24 hours, no pre-order.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a third series in the Ink world next year. I’m planning to get 6 books out, so I think I could do it without keeping readers waiting too long for sequels on any one series.

If I did do that, the series would follow Bran Arkades, a kick-ass dreamwalker. I don’t have a series name for it yet and am open to suggestions! Feel free to drop ideas into the comments below.

I’ve had a scene with Fein and Tyn in my head as of late, so I may well put that up on my other purely writing and urban fantasy based blog: KhaosFoxe  I can’t say that I’ve put much up over there as I haven’t had the time or energy. That’s where any snippets, random scenes and such from the Ink world will go there.

If you’d like to join my newsletter there are two options.

New releases & sales only newsletter. 

Information about other Urban Fantasy sales, options to name characters, talk about real life, etc. 

I think that covers everything! Yay phenomenal readers! Woohoo Ink Bound release! OMG release dates! 😁




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