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Expected Release Dates Of The Next Ink World Books.


This is to make it all shiny and official. Just to be clear – these dates aren’t set in stone, there will be no pre-orders on these books.

The next book to be published will be Seers Stone (Hidden Alchemy 1). I needed a break from Dacian and his story, so I’m starting the Hidden Alchemy series. Seers Stone is currently with my editor, and I’m really proud of it.

Expected release date:  September 26th. 

I don’t have a shiny blurb for it yet, so this the rough premise:

My name’s Kaitlyn Felis, and I’m a treasure-hunting alchemist. 

I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to work for a mysterious elf called Fein Thyrin. Not only did he give me my dream alchemy lab, he’s also hired me as his personal treasure-hunter. To say I was excited is a drastic understatement. 

First on my treasure-hunting list? The Seers Stone – it’s a thing of legends, and I’m going to be the first hunter to get my hands on it. 

And the gorgeous cover!


Next up is Ritual Ink (Ink Born 4).

No blurb for this one as it would be horribly spoilery. It’s Dacian’s fourth book, it has Dacian getting in trouble and doing his tattoo magician thing.

This is expected to release on November 23rd.

The cover!



Can we just take a moment to appreciate the look on Dacian’s face? I personally interpret it as ‘Seriously Holly? Fucking seriously…?’ 😂

Oh and as we’re taking a moment, just look at how brilliant these covers look all lined up:

I love how Dacian’s expression changes and progresses over the series, my cover artist Lou Harper is so, so, good at that.

Then! The next book in the schedule is Celestial Tears (Hidden Alchemy 2).

No blurb for this as I haven’t started writing it yet, but it’s Kaitlyn doing her thing retrieving the celestial tears. No cover yet, it has been commissioned though!

Expected release date of January 26th (2018).

After that will come Ink Born 5 (I do have a title and premise but I’m not sharing yet 😝).

I don’t have a set end in mind for the Ink Born series, so we’ll see what happens next year. I plan on alternating releases between Hidden Alchemy and Ink Born. I’m kinda tempted to start a third series in the Ink world, starring a kick-ass dreamwalker called Bran. We’ll see how sales and my energy levels go.

Thanks for all the love and support!





8 thoughts on “Expected Release Dates Of The Next Ink World Books.

    1. I thought you might approve of Bran’s name 😂

      Well Caiden and the cougars kept dragging Dacian down to their sparring place, he didn’t get much choice in being buffer lol


      1. :/ emotes can be so weird depending on where you’re posting. I’m certain Dacian had a bit to say about the whole thing, he’s a tattoo magician, not a brawler dammit. I do love that about him though.


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