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Introducing Piper (my lesbian hedgewitch).


I mentioned previously that I’ll be starting a third series in my Ink world next year. This new series is called Thief By Night and it’ll follow Piper. As you can see from the graphic above, Piper’s a lesbian hedgewitch.

Of course there’s far more to her than just that. Piper is a very strong-willed, passionate high-society woman. Life isn’t easy for hedgewitches, although truth be told a lot of that is inflicted on them by each other. This means that Piper’s life is filled with politics (which she hates), as the boring parts of being wealthy and part of high society. It isn’t all bad though, she thoroughly enjoys the beautiful dresses (she’s very femme), gorgeous heels, and the luxurious living. Still, she gets bored.

What does she do to cure said boredom?

She works as a thief for hire of course! Piper puts her passion for dancing (very useful for the acrobatic side of getting into houses and such), and her magic to good use as a thief. She’ll steal pretty much any inanimate object for anyone, from anyone, except her fellow hedgewitches. She has more than enough sense to avoid the huge fallout that would come from that.

Piper keeps her thief persona hidden, only her business partner and his familiar know that she’s also Shadow Fox the master thief. She does it for the thrill, although the profits are rather nice too 😉

By day Piper is a beautiful, charismatic, very feminine business woman who very much holds her own and has earnt a reputation as someone you want on your side. By night, she’s a daring thief who calls the rooftops of Prague her home and loves nothing more than whisking away valuables to new homes.

I’m really excited to write this series. I’ll likely share something more on the hedgewitches and all soon.


Have your say on who she steals from in book one Outfoxed by answering this poll: (click the image)



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