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Urban Fantasy Readers Unite!


really want to meet more Urban Fantasy readers. Don’t get me wrong, I love my writer friends, but I feel like I’m missing out by not having more Urban Fantasy readers in my social circle.

So I’ve created a Facebook group for fellow Urban Fantasy readers to hang out, discuss our favourite tropes, recommend our favourite reads, squee over the amazing new finds we just finished reading. All of the good, fun, reader stuff.

This is strictly a reader group. There will be one promo post a week. Authors are invited to pimp out their books on that single post, and that post alone. I will not allow this space to be cluttered by spam. I want somewhere to dance around with reader friends and I’m going to do my best to make sure this group does just that.

If you’re looking to hang out with fellow Urban Fantasy readers, come and join me:


I can’t wait to share awesome Urban Fantasy reads with you.



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