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Ink World News! Two New Pre-Orders! Oh My!


Those of you who follow me on Twitter and/or are on my newsletter list, will know the first piece of this news. Celestial Tears (Hidden Alchemy 2) is available for 99c pre-order! Squee! Have I told you how much fun the Hidden Alchemy books are!? They’re insanely fun, I love Kaitlyn and co. She’s a bisexual treasure-hunting alchemist!! 😍

Click the gorgeous cover to get your copy now! It’s only 99c and is has a bisexual treasure-hunting alchemist, what more could you possibly want from your Urban Fantasy?

Oh… you’d rather have a gay tattoo magician? Well… then you’ll be very pleased to hear that Ritual Ink is also up for pre-order!!

I recommend that you don’t read the blurb of this unless you’ve read the previous three Ink Born books, because the blurb is a bit spoilery. Not horribly awfully spoilery, but it’s definitely a bit. I love that blurb though! Ahem, anyway… click the pretty cover to grab your copy now!


love the expression on Dacian’s face in that cover! The poor guy, I’ve put him through a lot.

Some of you will notice that Ritual Ink isn’t available in Kindle Unlimited. That’s because I’ll be putting all of my books wide on December 30th. They’ll be available on Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Apple, and hopefully Google Play. They will not however be available in Kindle Unlimited. So if you’re a KU reader, I recommend grabbing my books in there now while you can.


Thanks for your support, you made these releases possible!!



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