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Introducing My Next New Series: Forged In Blood.


If you read this blog regularly you’ll recall my saying that my next new series was going to be the lesbian hedgewitch series Thief By Night.

About that…

There’s been a change of plans. Due to a mix of reasons, from the fact that f/f is a more difficult sell (and I need to make my life easier not harder as I go wide), and it’s a very political idea and I’m not in the place to really do those intricate politics justice.

I was meandering through some of my older ideas and came across one I simply called Niko (after the protagonist). It’s an idea I’ve been wanting to write for years. Well, it looks like the time has finally come. Niko will be seeing the light of day next year. This is the opening that brought this all about:


That’s first draft, so the grammar will be tidied up and polished, but the concept and all stand.

I don’t have a title for book 1 yet, and I’m not entirely sure whether this is set in the US or Europe (my newsletter subscribers will decide). What I do know is it’s a darker Urban Fantasy in a brutal new world where supernals are being forged, made, by bloody rituals. There are also supernals who were born that way, and that leads to conflict, particularly given magic is still underground.

Niko himself is a brooding loner, and an enforcer. He’s someone who keeps the supernals in line and stops them from screwing it up for everyone else. He takes down those who prey on too many humans, who flaunt their magic, etc.

I love him, and his main sidekick character Malachi. Niko’s bi so I’m sticking pretty close to my brand, I’m just adding a new world to the mix. Anyway, I’m super excited to share this with you next year!



2 thoughts on “Introducing My Next New Series: Forged In Blood.

  1. As a member of the lgbtq community, it saddens me that you had to choose to abandon your concept for a f/f witch series. While I understand, and obviously respect your decision, it’s really tough to swallow. There are so few authors out there who write f/f fiction to begin with, let alone paranormal. It would have been wonderful to experience that series. I hope that it’s something that you’ll reconsider in the future.

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    1. Hey, it’s definitely something I plan on writing in the future. I don’t know if the idea will be this hedgewitch one as that plot is very political (the hedgewitches in the Ink world are a highly political faction), but I definitely plan on writing a f/f series. I will sit down and look at my worlds and see what sort of plot I can write and go from there. We’ll see how my series run this year, I suspect that I’ll be wrapping up one, or maybe both of my currently running series. That will give me room to write the f/f one 🙂

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