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Updated 2018 Publishing Schedule.


I announced a few days ago that I was no longer going to be publishing my f/f UF series Thief By Night next year due to the politics in that plot. To be clear – the politics are because Piper is a hedgewitch. Hedgewitches in my world are highly political, and I’m not in the place to be writing lots of intricate politics.

Quite a few readers reached out to me about that. They were disappointed as they’d been looking forward to a paranormal f/f series. First of all – thank you for getting in touch. I really appreciate hearing from readers.

Secondly, due to that feedback, I have decided to tweak my 2018 publishing schedule. I’ll be starting a new series in the Ink world following Leona a lesbian blood magician. Those who have read Ink Bound will recognise her as she had a few chapters with Dacian. I’ve been hoping to write her series since she popped up in Ink Bound but blood magic is a dark magic and I’ve been wanting to write lighter things. I feel that by next spring I should be ready to do her justice, so she’s taking what would have been one of Kaitlyn’s spots.

To give you some idea of how this will now look:

Ritual Ink (Ink Born 4) – Feb 6th – currently on pre-order – gay tattoo magician.

Blood Of the Wolf (Forged In Blood 1) – March/April – Bisexual werewolf/wolf shifter.

To be Named (Forged In Blood 2) – May 

The Chaote Conspiracy (Sacrificial Magic 1) – June/July – lesbian blood magician

Cursed Ink (Ink Born 5) –  October

Soul Blades (Hidden Alchemy 3) – November  bisexual treasure-hunting alchemist.


This order is open to change. It all depends on what I feel I can write at the time, I’m not going to stress myself out trying to write something I’m really struggling with. That will lead to an inferior book, and I respect my readers too much to do that to you. I might try and squeeze another book in there somewhere. We’ll see. I’m going to work hard to do a better job of looking after my mental health next year.

Thanks for your support I really appreciate it.





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