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My First Couple Of Months Publishing Wide.


As I’m sure you’re all aware I pulled my books out of Kindle Unlimited and put them on all of the main ebook vendors back in very late December and early January.

I’ve been really open and honest with you on here, and this is no different. I was scared when I did this, but I didn’t want to have all of my eggs in one basket. I didn’t like the way KU was looking, and I felt it was time for me to try my luck out in the wilds.

Everyone tells you that it takes time to build your audience Wide. They’ll tell you to expect it to take a year to get your feet under you. So I went into this expecting my income to be cut by 60% and not to get back to my usual earnings until summer at the earliest.

For those of you who’re new around here, I spent a few months preparing for this move. I put most of my energy into building my mailing list and making sure my newsletters were the best they could be. I wanted to make sure the subscribers I had were very engaged and interested in my books, and that those emails were keeping them that way. I asked them what they wanted from me, and I gave it to them.

So January wasn’t bad! It was definitely better than I’d expected, I had about a 30% drop in income, which was much better than I’d been preparing for!

Then I released Ritual Ink (Ink Born 4) last month. The Ink Born series has always been my bestseller, it was up on a 100 day pre-order on Amazon (I had to extend it which lost me my pre-order privileges). That release resulted in my best month to date! I beat my highest earning month in KU! (Comfortable four figures for the curious, and it wasn’t my first four figure month, these books pay my bills).

Things have been going amazingly for the past couple of weeks. I landed an international Bookbub on Seers Stone, that’ll happen in a couple of weeks. Instafreebie chose to feature Ink Born 2 yesterday. And I put Blood of the Wolf up on Kobo exclusive pre-order yesterday it’s currently ranked #10 in Contemporary Fantasy on Kobo US!! It’s also on page 2 of the popular pre-orders chart, and under currently trending in sci-fi and fantasy!!!



Oh and Kobo have given me two slots on their blog, you’ll be able to read an excerpt from Blood of the Wolf exclusively on the Kobo blog on Tuesday.

No, the non-zon vendors aren’t bringing in as much money as Amazon is right now, but they’re doing alright! They’re paying a couple of the smaller bills, which is amazing.

What have I been doing?

Not much to be entirely honest.

I had a horrible shock when I got my Facebook ads bill and found out that in Ireland you get slapped with a 23% VAT charge on top of the cost of the ads! Thankfully I’d only run $10 worth of ads. Still that’s too much to try getting a better grip on them.

I tried some Bookbub CPC ads aimed at Kobo Canada and while the CTR was pretty good, I still found them too expensive to continue with.

It really comes down to my newsletter. I send out an email once a week, and it works! I’m blessed to have some amazing readers who really support me, they send me lovely emails and buy my books. I don’t know what else to tell you.

So how did I get here?

I worked my ass off making sure I had gorgeous covers, the best blurbs I could, and I edited my books to the very best standard I could. I spent years working on my craft to make sure I put out stories people love. And I learnt the Urban Fantasy market so I can give readers what they want, with my own spin on it.

I have no doubt that some of this is down to luck, but I’ve worked damn hard to make sure that when luck does show up I can make the most of it.

In summary, this Wide thing was a fantastic decision and I’m grinning like a fool because I have fans! I’m blessed with amazing readers who support me and love my books! Thanks to everyone who’s followed me on this journey, you’re all incredible.



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