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I have something to admit. The Forged in Blood books (and the upcoming Sacrificial Magic) are set in the same world as the Infernal Hunt books, only 26 years ish after the end of the IH series.

A few readers did notice the character names and such and commented on the fact in reviews, but I haven’t said anything in public. Why? Because the IH books didn’t sell that well, and I didn’t want to limit Niko and co. However! A few readers love that connection and feel it should be made public, so here we are.

The Infernal Hunt series shows the run up to the Prague incident referenced in the FiB books and the SM books (to be published in a couple of months). I recommend people start the IH series with Infernal Bonds which I’m really proud of as a book. Oh and the best bit? It’s only 99c on all retailers!


This isn’t the first time I’ve written multiple series in the same world. Ink Born and Hidden Alchemy are both set in what readers have called the Feinverse. They even overlap in that both protagonists work for the elf Fein, hence ya know, the Feinverse.

As mentioned above Forged in Blood and Sacrificial Magic are both set in the same world, and they’ll have a third series joining them later this year (name to be decided).

Writing multiple series in one world definitely has its difficulties. Especially when you overlap secondary characters like I have with the Feinverse. You have to keep a close eye on the timelines and make sure they match up. I admit I didn’t do that between the IH books and the newer books, so er, don’t lynch me for that lol. I just couldn’t resist, the things I had planned for the events after the Prague incident were just too good to leave alone. They made the perfect world for Niko and co.


There are pros and cons to writing multiple series in one world. On one hand, if readers love the world you’re giving them more books to explore it with! On the other, if you thought keeping the world details straight for one series was hard, try doing it for three or more! Personally I love it, I get attached to my worlds, so I love getting to continue playing in them. I do think you need to enjoy worldbuilding to go down this route, and obviously you need to be organised.

I was hoping to have more brain to put together more insight here, but I don’t. So! Niko’s set in the same world as Evie and co, only 26 ish years later! If you want to know more about Grayson’s parents and the Prague incident, you can read the Infernal Hunt series.



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