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Testing My Author Brand.


I’ve talked a little bit about brand, and it’s basically what readers come to expect from you. When a reader hears the name ‘Holly Evans’ what comes into their mind? That’s my brand.

I built my name and was able to go full time thanks to writing m/m Urban Fantasy. Dacian with Ink Born and Niko with Forged in Blood remain my two big selling series.

My next release however it not only hetero, but it’s ended up being reverse harem. It’s set in the same world as Niko, and the series will come together with Forged in Blood in later books. (I’m being ambitious here). So we’re going to see if readers come to me for the m/m relationships, or for the vivid characters and world-building.

Sacrificial Blood will be going into Kindle Unlimited, which is another step away from how I do things right now. It’s a bit scary, to be honest. This series is far closer to the type to-market Urban Fantasy available in KU. It has my twist of course, but it’s the closest I’ve written to date.

This is a risk. Yes I could bring in swathes of new readers, but! Will they take the leap over to the rest of my catalogue? Will my established readers lynch me for departing from my grumpy gay guys?

The romantic subplot is a little stronger in Sacrificial Magic than I’ve written before, but it remains completely fade-to-black. I swore to my readers I’d never write anything steamier than that, and I stand by it. The snark is strong though, and I’m working really hard to make sure the world building and characters are even better than what my readers have come to expect from me.

For the curious, this is the cover and blurb for Wren. She should go live later this month. Wish me luck!


Wren Kincaid, blood witch.

It’s a shame I can’t put that on my résumé. Mercenaries with magic or supernal blood have a much easier time landing jobs. Unfortunately, if anyone finds out about my blood magic, I’ll be executed in twelve hours or less. Blood witches were eradicated a century before I was born, deemed too dangerous, or so everyone thought.

My life wasn’t too bad. I had to wrangle more drunk pixies than I’d have liked, and it was far from luxurious. I struggled to pay my rent, but I wasn’t complaining. Not too loudly, anyway.

Cue the Council and Dante Caspari. The Council are the people who will execute me if they find out what I am. Dante Caspari is the sexy-as-sin guy they hired me to work with so I can find out what happened to the missing supernals in Dubrovnik.

It sounds great working with a sexy guy, right? The problem is, his father’s a demon prince and his mother’s one of the most powerful witches in the Americas. If anyone is going to trip me up and hand me over to the Council, it’s him. So, I have to find the missing supernals, save the day, and try not to get killed doing it. Funny, those drunk pixies I was complaining about don’t seem so bad now.



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