I’m an indie author of urban fantasy with strong, kick-ass female protagonists.  That being said, I do have a series following a male tattoo magician in the works.

Writing is my passion, it’s something I’ve been doing for a long time. I can’t help but love words, language, and stories. They hold so much potential, possibility, and opportunities for exploration. How can I resist dabbling and playing with that?

My fiction can tend towards the darker side of things, and always has something supernatural in there. I adore fae, the ones with sharp teeth and quick wits. I also love dark magic, alchemy, lycans, and other darkly delicious creatures. The Infernal Hunt series will hopefully be published spring 2016. The series is set in Prague and follows Evie and Quin, who’re hunters. They keep the supernal community of Prague in line, they have no problems putting down rogue lycans or going toe to toe with groups of blood-thirsty redcaps.

The Infernal Hunt series opens with Infernal Ties which has Quin kidnapped, and Evie doing everything in her power to get him back. I can’t really say what happens in the following books, as that’d give away the fun.

Away from writing, I’m happily married to a wonderful man who’s also a writer and editor. We’re both extroverts, we love exploring the city and meeting new people. There’s something intensely satisfying about a good conversation and shared laughter with complete strangers.