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Launching A New Pen Name

  I had quite a lot of people say how said they were sad to see this blog go and how much I'd helped. I felt really bad, so I'm back. No promises on how regular the posts will be, but I will endeavour to keep posting. I want to help people. Trolls be damned.… Continue reading Launching A New Pen Name

Fiction and Writing

Sometimes You Just Get Screwed.

I posted about this in 20booksto50k because I wanted people to learn from my mistakes. I also wanted those who aren't doing so well to be reminded they're not alone. My latest launch was a complete clusterfuck. An utter disaster. The book started wide but it was quickly obvious it wasn't suited to that so… Continue reading Sometimes You Just Get Screwed.

Fiction and Writing

Launch Results – My First Urban Fantasy Romance, Game of Gods.

  Game of Gods is my first foray into Urban Fantasy Romance. It's a marmite book. You either love it or you hate it. It's dark, it's intense, and it's not your traditional romance. There's a lot of anger and violence on the page. This launch was a complete cluster-fuck. My marketing person and I… Continue reading Launch Results – My First Urban Fantasy Romance, Game of Gods.