NaNoWriMo: Handling Burn Out.

  This is something I've felt a lot, and I know I'm far from alone in that. I've talked to a couple of people recently who were suffering with this, so I wanted to put together a post to help. In this instance, we're assuming the burn out is not caused by depression or anxiety.… Continue reading NaNoWriMo: Handling Burn Out.

Thoughts & Passions

The Importance Of Escapism, Happiness, & Hope.

The world is currently a dumpster fire. A raging inferno of hate, ignorance, wars, and despair. People are retreating into their quiet corners. Social media is full of hate, depression, rants, and battles. And it's just making everything worse. I get it. It's natural to push back with everything we have. It's natural to vent… Continue reading The Importance Of Escapism, Happiness, & Hope.

book recommendations

Book Recommendation: Veil Knights Boxset.

  It's been a little while since I recommended a book. That being said, I'm technically recommending three today... Today I'm recommending the first three books from the Veil Knights series, all neatly bundled together in one boxset. I read these books individually when they first came out. How could I possibly resist those covers,… Continue reading Book Recommendation: Veil Knights Boxset.