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Publishing Urban Fantasy For 11 Months – Lessons Learnt & All That Good Stuff.

  This is likely to be a long post so grab a cuppa and settle in. First things first - I'm doing 11 months instead of 12 because Ink Bound doesn't go live until August, which puts it at the 13 month mark. So I figured I'd do 11 months. Some Stats: Books published during… Continue reading Publishing Urban Fantasy For 11 Months – Lessons Learnt & All That Good Stuff.

Fiction and Writing

Your Depression Doesn’t Care

You’re all aware that I suffer from depression. This is a reminder that as much as it may feel it, we’re not alone in this. If the darkness closes in, don’t be scared to reach out.

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Being a writer in the information age has resulted in many micro-communities for writers. Personally, I prefer Wattpad & Writer’s Cafe. When one of our own, especially one of them young whippersnappers passes, it’s a reminder that we are all human. (Except for Felix R. Savage, I suspect he’s a sentient drinks machine.) We have the ability to connect with any other human on the planet instantly. That can take the form of a funny Facebook post. Re-tweeting that review that made our day. Doing whatever it is that people use Instagram for. We get to see art as it’s created.

Unfortunately, too many creatives end up taking their own lives. Each time it happens, it’s a sad reminder that many artists, including authors, battle mental health issues and that the act of writing is a solitary one. Many, many wonderful people have harmed themselves because they believe…

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